Heels On Wheels: The Styleliner Parks It In The District

Lunch breaks in D.C. usually begin with trips to various food trucks and almost always end in a food coma. Lucky for us, there’s a new type of truck in town, and we promise you won't find any kind of food coma here.
Hop aboard the Styleliner, a 20-foot-long accessory boutique on wheels (formerly a potato-chip truck) that offers an array of one-of-a-kind accessories from international designers. After parking in the Hamptons, Palm Beach, and Miami, the mobile boutique arrives in D.C. this week to provide the perfect à la carte accessory menu for the style-savvy. Are you psyched yet? Click through to meet creator and curator Joey Wolffer, who chatted with us about the Styleliner, her take on D.C. style, and following in the footsteps of her ancestors.
When: Friday, May 4, through Sunday, June 17.
Where: Thursdays through Sundays, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., the Styleliner will be parked in the PNC Bank lot at M Street and Wisconsin Avenue NW in Georgetown; on Wednesdays, it will be parked off Dupont Circle. The W Hotel will host the truck on Thursday, May 10, and Friday, May 11, from 6 to 9 p.m. and Saturday, May 12, from 8 p.m. to midnight.
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First things first: How did you come up with the idea of the Styleliner?
“Prior to creating the Styleliner, I was the trend director for The Jones Group, where I traveled to find jewelry and accessory trends worldwide. Through my travels, I found amazing pieces and designers that were not yet in the U.S., and I wanted to create a global emporium of my finds. There was no way I could open a regular brick-and-mortar store — our society today is so on the go (including myself), and we needed a store that was, too!”

Photo: Courtesy of The Styleliner
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We heard entrepreneurship runs in your family! Tell us about your legendary great-great-grandfather.
“Ah yes, my great-great-grandfather Michael Marks was the cofounder of Marks & Spencer in the U.K. He started as a peddler when he arrived in England, and Marks & Spencer grew from there — he was quite a savvy businessman. We do always joke that it took three generations to get back to being a peddler!”

Photo: Courtesy of The Styleliner/Eric Striffler
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What do you like best about D.C. style?
“There is an elegance about women in D.C. that I love. The style is a bit more traditional than cities like New York or Miami, but what is so cool is that women in D.C. always find a way to add a pop to their look, either with a great bag or piece of statement jewelry.”

Photo: Courtesy of The Styleliner
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What are your personal favorite pieces on the truck?
“Since the product on the truck is always changing, my favorite pieces are always changing, too! My favorite designers on the Styleliner right now are Laura B, who specializes in mesh jewelry and evening bags handmade in Spain; Serpui Marie straw and beaded minaudieres made in Brazil; Venna statement jewels from Hong Kong; and Barbara Boner oversized fringe bags from London.”

Photo: Courtesy of The Styleliner
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An array of hat, shoes, and other accessories available on the truck.

Photo: Courtesy of The Styleliner
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What pieces would you recommend for a day at the office?
“For the office, I would recommend a Derome Brenner acetate bracelet. These add just the perfect amount of color and statement for a more conservative look. I would also recommend a Vive la Difference bag. These classic Italian handbags are of fantastic quality and the designers use beautiful materials."

Photo: Courtesy of The Styleliner
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What about for weekends?
"For the weekend, I would recommend a Delle Cose vintage Italian postal bag, a Meilleur Ami endless scarf, and Shourouk bracelets. The Italian postal bags are casual yet classy totes; I think the ladies in D.C. will love these! The Meilleur Ami endless scarves add the ideal balance of color and print to your look, and because they are endless, you never have to deal with readjusting. Finally, Shourouk bracelets are the perfect amount of daytime bling.

And for evenings?
For the evening, I would go with KMO linked jewelry and Buba embellished bags. I am all about layering simple clothing with incredible accessories, and these two designers have just the right amount of shine to take your look from day to evening.”

Photo: Courtesy of The Styleliner
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There are also some pieces on the truck that you've designed yourself — tell us about those.
“I am a jewelry designer, so whenever I have time, I will make a couple of over-the-top pieces. I am most inspired when I am at my family's farm in Bridgehampton, so I do most of my designing and creating there. I also have a line of bags that I am designing with Laetitia Stanfield of Roarke NYC. They are beaded in India and made in Brooklyn. It's a combination of Moroccan tapestries, Peruvian throws, Italian leather, and gorgeous embellishment. We actually just sold our minaudieres to Harvey Nichols in London. I love designing and hope to slowly have more of my own pieces in the truck.”

Photo: Courtesy of The Styleliner