Your Favorite 2000s Makeup Trend Is Back — & Prettier Than Ever

If you went through a Hot Topic phase (and didn't we all?), then you undoubtedly remember one stand-out makeup trend: stars. Typically drawn under the eyes with liner — or worse, black Sharpie — the little black stamps were the emo calling card at Taking Back Sunday concerts.
While we'll probably never go back to wearing studded belts or shag bands, this is the one look we're willing to reconsider. Especially when all the coolest makeup artists are reinventing it to be minimalist, delicate, and ridiculously romantic. Even better: It's perfect for Fourth of July.
Ahead, check out 13 of our favorite Instagram looks that will leave you starry eyed.
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Why settle for one tiny star when you could draw on 16? Cool-girl makeup artist Violette translates the trend into a cool smoky eye look.
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Hit up your local craft store — then go crazy.
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These foiled freckles are perfect for any occasion, including (but not limited t0) parties, festivals, and yes, sitting at home watching Netflix.
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Dior's haute-couture spring 2017 show featured star makeup two ways: one on each of the inner corners of the eyes and another on the lower lashline.
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Why highlight your brow bone with shadow when you can do it with stars?
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Thought those star stickers you had in elementary school were just for A+ papers? Think again.
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Pair silver stars with a dash of blue eyeshadow for an etherial look.
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Nix your go-to eyeshadow for something a little more celestial.
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The best thing about star makeup is that you don't have to be all that precise with it. The messier and less perfect it looks, the cooler it will be.
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The easiest way to cover up signs of too little sleep? Starry under-eyes.
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While you're at it, throw some on your collarbones, too.
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Friends who sparkle together, stay together.
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