7 Awesome D.C. Rec Leagues That'll Make Exercise Fun Again

UPDATE: This story was originally published on May 2.
Now that we’ve weathered another interminable winter, there are no more excuses for our sloth-like existence. Lace up your sneakers and pull your hair back — it’s time to join a spring recreation league. Ahead, we’ve rounded up D.C.’s best just-for-fun sports teams and gotten the scoop on how to get involved. Whether you’re the MVP or the world’s best benchwarmer, we’ve found a league for you. Time to put the “me” in “team”!
WAKA Kickball
In a city where "work hard, play harder" is the official mantra, it’s no wonder a group of Washingtonians founded the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA). Now a national franchise with leagues in over 35 states, WAKA is a local rec league favorite. Known to be a bit more intense than other kickball leagues around town, such as NAKID, WAKA offers a balanced mix of party vibes and friendly rivalry.
How to join: Register as a team or free agent online here. While several spring leagues have already started, the DC Potomac Late Spring league opens May 20.
When: Mondays at 6:30 p.m.
Where: National Mall at 7th Street NW. Post-game happy hour at Kelly’s Irish Times.
Cost: $59 per person.
DC Social Sports 7 v. 7 Flag Football
No matter how you handle the pigskin, this is your go-to flag football league. The coed slow-rush league requires at least two females on the field at a time — no sideliners here. Switch up your Hail Marys for Bloody Marys after the game at bar sponsor Crystal City Sports Pub. Added bonus: The bar offers $10 Miller Lite pitchers for DC Social Sports. Touchdown!
How to join: Register as a team or free agent online here. Early-bird registration ends May 6.
When: Sundays from 7 to 9 p.m.
Where: Long Bridge Park, 475 Long Bridge Drive, Arlington. Post-game at Crystal City Sports Pub.
Cost: $85 per person.
Capital Rowing Club DC
Think you could outrow a Winklevoss if only you had the proper training? Here’s your chance: Capital Rowing Club is the largest community-based rowing organization in D.C. And don't worry — for those of us whose experience is limited to an afternoon with a rental kayak, the club offers a broad range of competitive leagues and beginner’s classes.
How to join: Find the level best suited to your abilities and register online here.
When: Varies according to participant level.
Where: Anacostia Community Boathouse, 1900 M Street SE.
Cost: Annual membership is $175; course fees ranges from $32 to $300.
DC Social Sports Co-Ed 5 v. 5 Basketball
Known to players as "DC Social," this rec league has the mastered the balance between work and fun. The co-ed 5 v. 5 basketball team is an excellent way to wow your pals with your court skills and break out your new neon sneaks. Extra perks include beer-pong showdowns and a summer Drunk Ball tournament.
How to join: Register as a team or free agent here. Season begins June 5.
When: Wednesday nights; games start between 7:15 and 10:15 p.m.
Where: Location TBA.
Cost: $75 per individual
Photos: Courtesy of WAKA, DC Social Sports, Capital Rowing Club
ZogSports Outdoor Soccer
Show off your footie skills with outdoor soccer through ZogSports. The 8 v. 8 coed turf games are divided into three leagues: competitive, casual, and "sorta players." A full season includes one scrimmage and seven regular season games. Gooooooooal!
How to join: Register as a team or free agent online here. Early-bird registration ends May 10.
When: Monday nights; games start between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.
Where: Eastern High School, 1700 East Capitol Street NE.
Cost: $95 per person.
ZogSports 6 v. 6 Sand Volleyball
More of a beach-sports aficionado? Put ZogSports’ 6 v. 6 co-ed sand volleyball league on your radar. There's a wide range of experience levels, which means there’s plenty of room for those of us lacking the sporty gene. Off the court, join fellow players for post-game happy hours or grab your crew and sign up for an out-of-town adventure trip. Bonus: ZogSports donates 10% of all profits and 100% of happy-hour bar contributions to charities that you pick. We love a party for a good cause!
How to join: Register as a team or free agent online here. Early-bird registration ends May 17.
When: Saturday afternoons; games start between noon and 4 p.m.
Where: Various.
Cost: $75 per person.
U.S. House and Senate Softball Leagues
Every spring, the U.S. House and Senate softball leagues prove that political rivalry isn't just limited to the Hill. League highlights include the end-of-season King of the Hill championship game, where the House and Senate battle it out for major bragging rights.
U.S. House Softball League
With team names like "Whiskey Caucus" and "Scared Hitless," it’s clear that House staffers enjoy blowing off a little steam. Join a team or stop by just to catch a game — batter up!
How to join: Register your team here.
When: Season begins May 1. Teams are responsible for scheduling games.
Where: National Mall
Cost: $100 per team.
U.S. Senate Softball League
You won’t find any benchwarmers here: While most of these staffers spend their days pitching ideas instead of curveballs, the competitive league poses a serious threat, come time for the King of the Hill championship.
How to join: Register your team here.
When: Teams are responsible for scheduling games.
Where: National Mall
Cost: $125 per team.
Photos: Courtesy of Capitol Rowing Club, Zog Sports

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