15 Smart Home Buys To Upgrade Your Small Space

Living in a small space that feels more crammed than cozy is a constant source of agony for many of us. We've featured numerous stories on solving the dilemma — from clever organization tips to decluttering advice — but sometimes, paring down your belongings is just not enough.
A smart workaround for the tiny home conundrum is to keep a roster of products that can do a lot with very little: Smart designs that help create the illusion of space without taking up much room. Click through for our pick of 15 products that will make your modest apartment look instantly more impressive.
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A wall grid can add a great deal of texture and dimension to your surface. This copper design is a great canvas to exhibit your photos and notes. Add a set of hooks to rework it as a display for your prettiest necklaces.
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This mesmerizing GIF is all you need to understand the magic of the Ollie Chair: Featuring a special slated wood surface, this folding chair expands and retracts with the pull of a string. Standing at just 2.25 inches deep when flattened, the versatile design will work in any small space — from living room to patio. No wonder it has been a hot commodity on Kickstarter.
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Storage boxes are essential to tiny apartments, but they don't always have to be the sterile-looking plastic ones you shove under the bed. This foldable canvas organizer is a far better-looking alternative, and can be stacked under floor lamps and house plants to give them more height.
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For those who don't need a whole lot of bedside supplies, using a folding chair in place of a nightstand is a smart maneuver to free up more room. Simply put all your sleeping essentials in a cute tray, and drape your towels, blankets or next-day outfit over the back of the chair.

American Classic Wood Folding Chair, $33.38, available at Walmart.
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A ladder case is a great alternative to a standard bookshelf if space is an issue for you. Plus, it's a cozy way to show off your throws and blankets.
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Got a surplus of delicate clothing that needs to be hung up? If your teensy closet can't accommodate them all, a driftwood branch is a chic and practical display solution. Arrange your hangers along this birch stick, a one-of-a-kind number procured from beaches along the Baltic Sea. These handy racks can also be repurposed as curtain rods.
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We're constantly on the hunt for genius home decor tips, and this one came to us by way of a reader's comment: Fashion your very own end table — tailor-made according to how much space you have — by screwing hairpin legs into the bottom of a plank or chest. Finding furniture that fits into your tiny living room just got a whole lot easier (and cheaper!).
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Having items that pull double duty is crucial for small spaces. This wall sconce makes an industrial chic reading light for your bed, and can easily swing over to become a desk light.
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S-hooks aren't just for safety: They can be a serious game-changer for getting your closet sorted out. These bad boys pack on serious weight and can be hung on any rail surface. Some of our favorite creative hacks are using them to hang up your jeans and organize your belts. Pro-tip: Shower curtain hooks are also a great substitute.
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A bit of greenery always enhances the look and feel of a room, but it doesn't always have to come in the form of huge planters that take up valuable real estate. Utilize your vertical space by hanging indoor planters by your windows.
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It goes without saying that wall shelves are super helpful for providing extra storage — especially if you're working with a tiny square footage. Go with open shelving, like this durable one from IKEA, so that the height of your contents won't be limited.
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No room for a coffee table? This compact laptop stand doesn't take up much space and can be easily moved around.
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Colorful vintage suitcases are a great option to stow your knick knacks, and they make a lovely display.
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Don't underestimate the organizational power of a simple tray: They help with containing things visually and add a dose of style to an otherwise boring surface. This wooden one has just the right depth to keep everything in one place.
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Retractable tables are major space-savers for small kitchens. This drop-leaf table can be used three different ways.
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