The Shoes You Need To Own Before You Turn 30

You know shoes are important; if whatever you're rocking below the ankle doesn't suit the rest of your look, your entire vibe could be ruined. Just imagine showing up to an interview in a beautiful suit and a dingy pair of flats. Or, a Tinder hookup in a your power dress paired with frowsy Mary-Janes. Game over. Indeed, building a collection that'll carry you through all of life's style challenges takes time, so we'd suggest starting to gather a solid assortment in your 20s. As you go, you'll find it's a great feeling to actually have appropriate footwear to face things like you first job or first fancy wedding. 

If you're unsure which styles deserve a spot in your arsenal, we crafted a list of the 10 shoes you need to invest in before you turn 30. Because everyone’s budgets are different, there’s a low-priced (under $100), mid-priced, and high-priced (but nothing over $500!) option for each. Now, you just need to figure out how to fit 10 whole pairs of kicks in your itsy-bitsy studio apartment. Oh, the struggle. 

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The Fancy Party Heels
Your parties have graduated from keg in the middle of the basement to semi-sophisticated with Champagne at an actual venue (being of legal drinking age helps). To look the part, go for heels with higher-end finishes, like the shimmer and colorblocking seen here.
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The wider block heel makes these ideal for impromptu dancing.
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Pair these with a simple dress to let ‘em really shine.
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The Flat Booties
A shoe that just works every day is a no-brainer. These white stompers won't slow your hustle (and will keep you blister-free!) without sacrificing style one bit.
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You'll need the future.
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Not your average black bootie.
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The Everyday Pumps
EVERY woman needs a pair of everyday pumps to get through life: work and drinks and dinners and random semi-dressy occasions you can't get out of. You don’t want to get too crazy with your office kicks, though. Keep it classic with a standard silhouette and opt for different textures to give yours a little extra something, like the wood heel on this H&M pair.
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Consider this a new neutral. It may be green, but it’ll go with everything. Promise.
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These will last you season after season and then some.
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The Work Sneakers
Sneakers may not actually work in everyone’s office setting. Regardless, a higher-end trainer (like these rad Steve Maddens) is a quick way to come across put together and still remain comfy in your off-duty life.
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Sneakers can take your outfit to new heights, too.
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The tassels give this old-school silhouette an of-the-moment feel.
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The Open-Toe Sandals
You’ll undoubtedly have an iCal full of events when spring and summer hit, so a pretty heeled sandal to go with your party dress is a smart investment. The chunky heel on these may seem casual, but the silver steps up the fancy vibe.
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The conceptual heel (featuring wood, Lucite, and a touch of unexpected purple) that makes these particularly special.
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It’s all about the details; Colorblocking, slim heels, and not-so-femme bows make this shoe.
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The Commuter Flats
If you’ve ever tried running in heels, you know it doesn’t often end well. Comfortable flats that still have personality, like this steel-toed pair, work wonders as you’re racing to catch the train. They look great if you don’t feel like changing into heels when you get to your cube, too.
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The scalloped edges make these pink flats unique.
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Perforation lets your tootsies breathe, and it looks cool, too.
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The Weather-Proof Boots
You’re an adult now and don’t have an excuse for wearing soggy sneakers in a monsoon. These sweet green Chelsea boots will combat Mother Nature and don’t look so much like traditional wellies if you forget a change of shoes.
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This blue hue stands out in a sea of navy or black boots.
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For the days when it really will be like crossing the Nile to get from curb to concrete.
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The Strappy Sandals
Flip flops may have worked in high school, but now they're better left on the beach. Strappy sandals (like these of-the-moment slides) add just enough polish to your breezy sundresses and weekend cutoffs.
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The treaded bottom and pop of silver give this strappy take a modern twist.
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If there’s one detail to invest in this season, it’s fringe. So, get on it.
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The Heeled Ankle Booties
It’s essentially impossible to make it through the cooler months without ankle booties. While this style won’t necessarily work in a blizzard, it’ll hold up perfectly when it's just too chilly for pumps.
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All white feels unexpected during winter.
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A funky heel adds just the right amount of quirk to anything you're wearing.
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The Gym Sneakers
There’s no need to murder your feet with the tattered gym shoes you’ve worn for five years. Invest in a quality pair that’s actually made for your workout of choice.
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These have a cool retro feel. Add an elastic headband and you’re ready for Jazzercise.

Nike Trainers, $122.52, available at Farfetch.
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Bouclé sneaks, for giving your Chanel suit the day off.