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R29 Sex Toys
Sex & Relationships
Aug 22, 2014

Here at R29 Wellness, we talk a lot about sex toys and their use. So, today, we're taking a moment to shed some light on a vital final step: cleaning them afterward. It's imperative to disinfect your toys… read

Sex & Relationships
Aug 20, 2014

Women who will tell you all about their Rabbits and their Bullets sometimes get shy if and when cock rings enter the sex-toy conversation. The name doesn’t help: The word "cock" veers toward dirty-talk… read

Sex & Relationships
Aug 10, 2014

After watching the video above, one question comes to mind: When she was a child, what did Cara Houiellebecq want to be when she grew up? While her current professional-sex-toy-tester gig is only part-time… read

Sex & Relationships
Aug 6, 2014

There's a new necklace that's generating buzz — which is why R29 Wellness, not Fashion, is covering it. Yes, the dramatic, stainless-steel pendant is stylish, but it also has a function beyond looking… read