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R29 Sex Toys
Sex & Relationships
vibepage copy 2
Sep 19, 2014

Big data journalist Jon Millward has directed his keen powers of analysis at everything from the last words of death row inmates to the science of constructing the perfect compliment. His latest investigative… read

Sex & Relationships
Aug 22, 2014

Here at R29 Wellness, we talk a lot about sex toys and their use. So, today, we're taking a moment to shed some light on a vital final step: cleaning them afterward. It's imperative to disinfect your toys… read

Sex & Relationships
Aug 10, 2014

After watching the video above, one question comes to mind: When she was a child, what did Cara Houiellebecq want to be when she grew up? While her current professional-sex-toy-tester gig is only part-time… read