Things You've Been Meaning To Buy Forever, That Are On Sale Now

As we see it, there are two types of clothing: Things that we actually need (underwear, jeans, a good coat, a solid LBD), and things that we don't really need but we need-need. Like that silky robe meant for hard-core lounging and a new pair of headphones that are prettier than your earrings. Would we survive without them? Sure — of course. But, the world would be a darker, more depressing place for everyone unlucky enough to cross our path.

At least, that's how it feels. And if you have certain items in mind that have eluded your ownership, time and time again, this slideshow is for you. Thankfully, the upcoming holiday weekend is prime time to finally make what's yours, yours. As retailers begin gearing up for Labor Day sales, there hasn't been a better time to kick the pain of sticker shock, or a case of forgetfulness, and take the plunge with 13 non-essentials you still can't live without.
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The durable weekender.
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The scuff-em-up booties.
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The been-on-my-list-forever leather backpack.
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The fashion headphones.
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The fun passport case.
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The casual cashmere sweater.
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The cute portable charger.
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The lounge around silk robe.
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The everyday watch.
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The treat-yourself silk undies set.
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The reliable makeup pouch.
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The grown-up keyring.
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