These Pumpkins Are Better Than Yours — But There's Still Time

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
In case you haven't noticed, a certain squash plant has taken over planet Earth for the month of October. Its name? The mighty pumpkin. It's in your latte, on your front door, and even made its way into your skincare products.
Then there's pumpkin carving — arguably a competitive sport. The jack-o'-lantern you grew up carving just no longer cuts it: There are now meticulously-carved, pop culture-inspired creations that wouldn't look out of place at the Met's sculpture garden.
As Halloween quickly approaches, we've rounded up 22 orange gems that are so high on artistic merit, they will get your own creative juices flowing. Click on to see how these spooky 'grammers are taking to their X-Acto knives like Michelangelo to a paintbrush.