All The Nostalgic Silhouettes Your Spring Wardrobe Needs

We love nothing more than when our clothing gives us something to talk about. It could be a design that (not-so) subtly nods to pop culture or simply, “Isn’t it crazy I thrifted this jacket for $3?” But one of our favorite talking points speaks to our style's ability to spark déjà vu. And in planning our upcoming spring and summer wardrobe essentials, there’s going to be a lot of that.

It's not just one decade we're seeing revisited. Looking at the latest Primark lineup, there's more than a century's worth of references that feel completely fresh and new. However, they aren't entirely. So, as part of your seasonal prep, the slides ahead break down the time periods that made these au courant trends famous. You know, should the topic come up.
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You don’t need to be a starlet traipsing along the French Riviera in the '50s to enjoy the practical and chic comforts of using a basket as a handbag. Although, with this woven carryall, you can certainly play the part.

Primark Seagrass Bucket Bag, $14, available at Primark.
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These oversized, round frames provide a nod to '60s style, no matter what you pair them with.

Primark Statement Metal Rounds, $6, available at Primark.
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Either you or your babysitter wore this pinafore dress in the '90s. Welcome back!

Primark Denim Pinny Dress, $16, available at Primark.
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Just a touch of that '60s crochet.

Primark White Crochet Crop Jumper, $18, available at Primark.
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Wide-legged pants have long been a key piece in our spring and summer wardrobes. We have the '70s to thank for that.

Primark Terracotta Wide Leg Trousers, $16, available at Primark.
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The last time you saw this top, it was 20 years ago and it was paired with a tattoo choker necklace.

Primark Apron Front Rib Cami, $5, available at Primark.
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Technically, a ghillie shoe can be traced back to Scotland in the 1700s. #TheMoreYouKnow.

Primark Block Heel Ghillie Sandal, $22, available at Primark.
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This '90s headgear of choice is also a very decade-appropriate shade of khaki.

Bucket Hat, $6, available at Primark.
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Women’s jumpsuits have seen tons of iterations over the last century, but this one has a distinct '60s flair — yet again — with its high neckline.

Primark Stripe Culotte Jumpsuit, $18, available at Primark.
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You could say you’re channeling 1930s pilots or 1980s movie icons. Either works.

Primark Retro D Brow Sunglasses, $4.50, available at Primark.