Prabal Hosts NYFW's Best Dance Party Yet

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    We're going to call it—Prabal Gurung's after-party for his fall '11 show clocks in as one of the off-the-wall funnest fetes of Fashion Week so far. The first event thrown at what can't but help be NYC's hottest new spot, Mister H (note, no prostitutes allowed) at the not yet-opened Mondrian Hotel, was a relatively intimate affair, with a drama-free door that was a nice change of pace from some of the weekend's crazier ragers. That's not to say the energy inside wasn't fully charged—Prabal would be a shoe-in on Dancing With The Stars, that's how impressed we were his stellar moves last night. Of course where Prabal goes, others soon follow—by 11 p.m. Taylor Tomasi Hill, Meredith Melling Burke, and Brad Goreski were all swinging to Mia Moretti's even-better-than-usual beats (uh Ginuwine's My Pony anyone?), photog Billy Farrell was snapping from tables, and Belvedere-and-sodas disappeared faster than Gurung's last collection. If the scene looked familiar, it's because it was: Mister H is the brainchild of Armin Amiri, whose days at Bungalow 8 could probably fuel a best-selling series. Indeed, when Britney Spear's "Hold It Against Me," came on, we felt like we could have switched it out for "Im A Slave 4 U", grabbed a watermelon mojito, and made three new best friends. And it happend—our kinda faux fight over a Britney diss had Prabal stepping to the rescue: "Hey, hey, no fighting guys. It's all about peace and love." When arguably the nicest designer tells you to relax, well, that's just what you believe we made a new friend too!

    Click through to see some 28 pics from one of Fashion Week's hottest parties. It's almost as good as a drink.

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