16 Reasons We're Celebrating Marc Jacobs Today

Photo: Courtesy of MyTheresa.
Marc Jacobs knows how to keep us talking. The designer has mastered the art of putting on a good spectacle, and his shows are some of the most highly-anticipated every year. He's been a champion for models — particularly one of a certain Jenner pedigree — both on the runway and in his campaigns. Jacobs just recently joined Instagram, and has taken to it quite well, racking up a cool 70.5k followers in just a couple weeks.

This year has brought significant changes to the fashion empire he's built, but Marc Jacobs' creations remain as compelling and beautiful as ever. We can't think of a better way to celebrate his 52nd year than by ogling some of his most stunning creations. We'll let the pieces speak for themselves: Ahead, we assembled some of our favorite items from Marc Jacobs' most recent collections — all for sale right this second. 
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Because he makes us feel like we're floating on a cloud in this elegant, tiered gown from fall '14.
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Because these shape-combination sunglasses give us some common ground with Miley Cyrus.
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Because we can look extremely elegant while breaking it down (and not leave the dance floor with achy feet) in these chunky-heeled sandals.
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Because Marc believes you can wear sweats to a party.
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Because we can never get enough fringe.
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Because a designer who sends backpacks down a spring runway is a designer we can get behind.
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Because we should able to don our statement coats, rain or shine.
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Because these shades are the fashion equivalent of, "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."
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Because Marc Jacobs bags are designed with the consumer in mind: This going-out crossbody comes with two compartments, since "compact" shouldn't mean "impractical."
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Because the "florals for spring" convention is lost on Marc (and we couldn't be more grateful).
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Because this star-spangled sweatshirt from resort '15 can get us through this awkward in-between weather in patriotic fashion.
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Because comfort and fashion coexist in the glorious frumpy-shoe trend — as if we needed another reason to look forward to sandal season.
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Because we never thought to plan an outfit around a cardigan...until now.
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Because we can pretend it's our birthday every day with this playful iteration of Marc's classic Trouble bag.
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Because this military-inspired sweater from the Marc Jacobs spring '15 collection is the cream of the crop.
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Because only Marc could convince us that paisley can be punk.