Your Apartment Is Begging You To Read This

Fall is finally here and much like the foliage and fashions, your apartment is probably due for some seasonal changes. Before you start stressing about new furniture and remodeling costs, take a moment to revisit all those dope DIY pins you just sat on all summer. Never mind that your budget is tight: Your Pinterest board is still booming with untapped design potential, and now is the perfect time to finally put those pins to action.

But if you’re running low on creative inspo — and energy — we feel you. We’ve rounded up some of the coolest ideas we could find on Pinterest to point you in the right direction, or at least a more resourceful one. So scroll ahead for 10 ways to make your interior-design dreams come true this fall.
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Photo: Courtesy of Brittany Wilbank for Domino.
Make your own headboard.
For as upscale and expensive as they seem, headboards can be surprisingly simple to make. Before you shell out half a month’s rent for a store-bought bed frame, consider making your own one-of-a-kind version from a more affordable source. A hand-painted drop cloth or simple piece of plywood can work on an uninspired bedroom and save you mucho dinero in the meantime.
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Photo: Courtesy of Homepolish.
Paint a statement wall.
Why go through the trouble of painting your entire place when you can just pick a lone wall and go wild? A bedside wall or entry hallway is the perfect place to make a bold statement without having to spend a fortune. And if your landlord isn't down with you switching up the wall color, don’t worry, it’s cool: There are tons of fun (but removable) alternatives out there to choose from.
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Photo: Courtesy of Style Me Pretty.
Update your old furniture.
Buying new furniture is one of the quickest ways to drain your bank account when remodeling your space. Before you throw out all of your timeworn tables, chairs, and stools, try revamping them with fresh coats of paint. You can update and personalize all your old furniture and suddenly have newish pieces that actually complement your place.
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Photo: Courtesy of Apartment 34.
Stage your bookcase.
If you aren’t already in possession of a stylish shelfie, it’s probably time to step up your game. Not only can bookcases double as showcase-worthy storage for all your fave stuff, but you can also style your reading material to look design-savvy. Go with light floating shelves for a minimalist display, or coordinate by book color for a more artful arrangement.
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Photo: via @electriccrowns.
Set mood lighting.
Never underestimate the power of pretty lighting in your home. A few strands of cheap string lights can set a chill vibe for your whole place that still feels incredibly chic. Want something equally affordable, but a bit more dramatic? Paper lanterns and pendant shades look just as cool hanging in a dark corner and hardly cost a thing.
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Photo: via @iampriscillale.
Organize your makeup.
Unless you happen to live in a mansion, odds are you aren’t working with a ton of bathroom space. Add a roommate to the mix and your storage opportunities really start to dwindle. Thoughtfully organizing and storing your toiletries before unloading them won’t just save you lots of sink room — you’ll save time getting ready and get to stylishly show off all your cute makeup.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Homes I Have Made.
Make your own pillowcases.
Oft overlooked, but equally fun is making your own pillowcases. You can turn just about any fabric you choose into a decorative sham or pillow cover, and it doesn’t take much more than scissors, thread, and a sewing machine. Create bright pillowcases to liven up boring bedding, or craft a cover that pulls together your mismatched living room.
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Photo: Courtesy of Michael Wiltbank for Domino.
Create a gallery wall.
You really can’t ever go wrong with a gallery wall — it's easy to install and insanely cool. And since we know you’ve been eyeing them on Pinterest for a while, consider your bare-walled hallway or bedroom a prime place to finally make your own. Now go pick up some inexpensive prints and frames, and get to work.
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Photo: via @vintagerevivals.
Plant an indoor garden.
Want a foolproof way to guarantee nothing but good apartment vibes? Create your own indoor garden or trellis wall. Not only do plants look super-gorgeous inside, but they’re an awesome way to promote positive energy and help purify the airflow in your pad. Plus, they're just fun. And if you’re not so great at watering on the regular, there’s still hope: Succulents and cacti require minimal effort, and they still get the job done.
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Photo: via @thejungalow.
Create extra kitchen storage.
Cramped kitchens are one of the realest struggles of modern-day apartment living. That’s why creating extra storage is crucial to having a comfortable cooking area. Floating wall shelves, pegboards, and rolling kitchen carts offer clever ways to craft much-needed storage space.
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