Michelle Williams Vs. Kristen Wiig: The Daily Beast Weighs In

The Daily Beast critic Robin Givhan weighs in on the red-carpet hits and misses from last night's Academy Awards, and (as usual) her picks are gorgeous, figure-flattering, and supremely elegant. Rooney Mara, Michelle Williams, and Octavia Spencer get high marks; but Kristen Wiig's frothy nude confection "made her look a bit like she’d wilted in the afternoon sun."
We got a bit giggly over the fact that someone finally called out Angelina Jolie for being the most boring red-carpet dresser ever, and while we weren't such big fans of Viola Davis' leafy-green number, we're crushing on her cropped, au naturel 'do. Givhan's picks just whetted our appetite, though — we're always hungry for more Oscar fashion post-mortem. So, we're asking you to weigh in with your comments: What was your fave look of the night? And which dresses should have stayed on the hanger instead of making their way down the carpet? (The Daily Beast)