Olivia Palermo Lands The Cover Of ASOS, Is Not A Negative Person

Love her, or hate her, no one can argue that Olivia Palermo doesn't have great style. So, we're not shocked that the NYC bombshell just landed the cover of ASOS magazine, the editorial component of online fashion retailer ASOS.com. In it, The City starlet poses around Brooklyn in some pieces that show a different side (both fashion and personality-wise) than her usual Blair Waldorf-esque persona. There are some unbelievable Matthew Williamson pants and old-school Barbour jacket and sneakers (!), all shot kinda gritty-dreamy by photog Tesh. Though she often times acts bitchy on TV, she's a whole different animal in person—the author rhapsodizes about her "infectious charm," (we think it's true—every time we chat with her she's quite lovely). It's clear that OP has an epic closet, a notion she doesn't dispel—"I just really, really love clothes. I'm my own brand, and I have my own opinion." As for her ice-queen demeanor, she claims, "I'm funny, I'm enthusiastic, and I'm not a negative person. I always try and look for the good in things." We're sure, somewhere, Erin is fuming.

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