This Couple Recreated Photos Of The Obamas For Their Engagement Shoot & Our Hearts Can't Take It

Every time we need proof that true love exists, we look no further than Barack and Michelle Obama. Remember his heartfelt tribute to Michelle during his farewell address? Yeah, we still tear up every time we think about it.
The former First Couple exemplifies #relationshipgoals, so Cassi Pittman and her fiancée Adam chose to recreate iconic photos of the Obamas for their engagement shoot and the results totally make us swoon.
According to the couple's wedding planner, Covesa Kelly, they originally asked for one photo but she loved the idea so much that she suggested an entire shoot.
“I miss the Obamas SO much that when our bride and groom said ‘Can we try and duplicate one of their famous shots for our engagement pics?’ I was like ‘Let’s do an entire shoot ― we can do this and this and THIS!’” Kelly captioned an Instagram post.
The final product will make you swoon.
The couple, who will tie the knot in December, recreated photos from the Obamas' classic Essence shoot and a particularly sweet picture taken before a taping for the 2015 World Expo.
“It was great to pose and have the couple channel the emotions of Barack and Michelle in each picture,” Kelly told the Huffington Post. “After all, the Obamas are definitely a couple who epitomize a love like no other.”
Pittman explained that she and Adam wanted to pay tribute to the "iconic couple."
“As African-Americans we admire their achievements and what they represent,” she said. “They have a love that just shines, and we wanted to capture that love in our photos.”
After one look at these photos, we'd say the shoot was a smashing success.