The Best Of New York Nail Salons

We don’t mean to brag, but New York City is the birthplace of a very important institution: the nail salon. Back in 1878, one particularly entrepreneurial woman opened Mrs. Pray's Manicure, the country’s first parlor for the treatment, filing, and buffing of nails. (Actual lacquer, as we know it, wasn’t invented for a few more decades.)
These days, our fair city is home to more than a thousand nail salons. And while we can appreciate giving ourselves a good DIY mani while binge-watching OITNB, let’s be honest: Nail care is one beauty ritual that we’re more than happy to outsource.
So, we’ve handpicked 26 of the city’s absolute best places for a manicure/pedicure, from nail-art galleries to affordable spots that won’t make you fear a staph infection. (Always a plus, in our book.) Read on for the polish palaces we swear by — and be sure to let us know about your go-tos, too.