Something New: This Wedding Registry Site Is For The 21st Century Bride

Sure, weddings may have all the snazzy hallmarks of a good time (cake, booze, dancing), but the fun doesn’t have to halt post-ceremony. Nope, that's where unwrapping the giftables comes into play. Sadly, most registries leave you scanning boring ol' china sets and candle holders, and um, where’s the fun in that? We’re pretty sure the phrase “something blue” shouldn’t apply to your face.
That’s where NewlyWish comes in, an innovative registry site that has us uttering "I Do." Instead of putting all your eggs into one basket, at NewlyWish your registry applies to a plethora of standout boutiques — ranging from glitzy bling at Merci to a mason jar (cue the hipster wedding) full of decadent One Girl Cookies. Presents like that would have us practically darting down the aisle!
The best part? For every couples’ unique style – whether it's sophisticated and classic or eco and eclectic — there’s a whole section of goodies curated for each! NewlyWish's style editor, Kate Imbach (who is also the genius behind this literary swimsuit site!), gave us her insider tips to decipher what style works for every couple, plus the covetable offerings to match. Click through after the jump for gifts you'll want to have and to hold!
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Style: Classic
"Classic homes are always elegant, but who wants to live in a museum? Thoughtfully weave together the old and new to create a home that’s both refined and relaxed. I love this pre-mixed NewlyWish exclusive dinnerware collection as a gift for a classic couple. You know they’ll love fine china, and this particular mix of patterns is timeless and understated."

Mark Ingram Classic With A Modern Twist Mix-Matched Dinnerware, $19 to $270, available at NewlyWish.

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Style: Retro
"Retro homes can take design cues from any era in the past. Say it’s '50s atomic red, '60s vivid mod prints, '70s harvest gold and avocado, or '80s pink pastels. It doesn't matter which era serves as the inspiration, retro homes are relaxed and buzz with vibrant colors. Any retro couple is guaranteed to fall hard for the mirror from Solaris Bevel Mirror from Christopher Guy."

Christopher Guy Solaris Bevel Mirror, $2,282, available at NewlyWish.

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Style: Modern
"Modern couples like minimalist architecture, Scandinavian-designed chairs, and ogle Don Draper’s Park Avenue flat. This style demands high-quality pieces, with beautiful lines and plenty of natural textures. The Cameron Table Lamp by Shiraleah is a perfect fit for any modern home."

Shiraleah Recycled Clear Glass Table Lamps, $180 to $215, available at NewlyWish.

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Style: Green
"The green couple is into DIY projects, upcycling, organic patterns, natural textures and patterns, and sustainable design. But, committing to reducing waste does not mean compromising style. The Matteo Vintage Linen Bedding Collection is the perfect gift — combining luxuriousness and eco-friendliness."

Matteo Vintage Linen Bedding Collection, $125 to $545, available at NewlyWish.

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Style: Eclectic
"The eclectic home tells a story of a fun-loving couple who have cleverly combined pieces from world travels, weekend adventures, and kitschy thrift stores. Help bring the mix and matched spirit to cocktail hour with these Floral Italian Wine Glasses from Fishs Eddy."

Fishs Eddy Floral Italian Wine Glasses, $5.50 to $33, available at NewlyWish.

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Style: Preppy
"Preppy homes are inspired by private-school lounges, hunting lodges, and country clubs. The recipe: Combine classic forms, like Chesterfield Sofas and club chairs, with traditional patterns, like plaids and ginghams. Mix in a palette of navy and white, and then monogram as many things as possible. That makes this pillow from Luxury Monograms a must-have for any preppy home."

Luxury Monograms Navy Linen Throw Pillow, $95 to $110, available at NewlyWish.

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