"Never Have I Ever": How To Dress For A Wedding

Even though we like to think we’ve been there and done that, there are certain life events that even our most experienced editors have yet to encounter. In this, our ultimate style guide was born. We’ve enlisted the help of a few R29ers to bring you useful shopping tips that’ll prep your closet for every major milestone, so you’re never left saying, “What do I wear?”
"It's true: I've never been to a wedding. People are always shocked to hear this and respond with 'Well, it'll hit all at once, and you'll go to a million' — and, hey, I can't wait because, in my mind, weddings are like grown-up bar and bat mitzvahs. And, man, 13 was a fun year. The funniest part is, while I haven't been to a wedding, I've worked on a great number of wedding stories, so I consider myself fairly well versed. But, at the end of the day, I would be pretty nervous to get there and be wearing the wrong thing."
—Willow Lindley, associate fashion editor
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Printed Dress

A printed, knee-length dress works flawlessly for most nuptials — unless the invite reads “black-tie attire.”
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Reception Heels

Statement heels are a must to dress up a look. Go for a slightly more comfortable style (with an ankle strap) to get you through a night of dancing with limited pain.
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Timeless Clutch

Don’t bring your everyday large shoulder bag — it’ll weigh you down and look clunky with your formal outfit. Buy just one neutral clutch that'll work for your slew of weddings to come.
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Statement Necklace

An eye-popping necklace is a great conversation starter at your table.
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Chunky Heels

Headed to an outdoor wedding? Those thin stilettos just won't do. Opt for a chunkier heel that won't sink in the grass.
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A bold lip ties your entire look together.
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Individual Eyelashes

Add individual lashes to the edges of your eyes for an extra hint of drama. Don't worry — they'll come off easily at the end of the night.
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Formal Gown

And, if you do find yourself in need of a formal look for a fancy affair, opt for a longer gown. A simple-yet-classic style like this gives you free reign to go glam on the accessories.
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Cool Overcoat

If it’s chilly outside, layer on a delicate shell. Try one in leather for an unexpectedly cool look.

Mlle Mademoiselle Seline Leather Jacket, $630, available at Mlle Mademoiselle.
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Delicate Watch

A simple, delicate watch is elegant and classic for a formal event. Plus, you shouldn't be looking at your phone to check the time. If anything, you should use your cell strictly for picture taking.

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