Here's The Biggest Louboutin Shoe In The World

If your commute takes you down Sunset in Beverly Hills, then you're bound to get an eyeful of a giant red sole that is Neiman Marcus' birthday pressie to Christian Louboutin. Of course the luxury retail store had to go above and beyond in their gift for the iconic shoe designer's 20th birthday, and what better way to pay hommage than with a billboard masterpiece? The ginormous painted heel was designed by street artist Galo "Make" Canote, and will definitely make waiting in traffic a whole lot easier. Who doesn't like daydreaming about their next extravagant shoe buy? And Monsieur Louboutin might want to schedule a drive-by—the billboard's up just in time for his visit to the Beverly Hills' Neiman Marcus on February 3rd. (Stylecaster)
Photo: Via Stylecaster.

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