Music 09/05/06

Grizzly_bear_ThisweekGrizzly Bear—Yellow House
Fans of Grizzly Bear's lo-fi and noisy folk debut will not be disappointed with their new album, Yellow House. They will however be confused if they haven't caught Grizzly Bear's live show recently. The sparse sound is gone in favor of lush arrangements, intricate harmonies, and an incredible suite of songs that move in surprising directions. Whereas the band's earlier works sounded like the vision of auteur and founding member Edward Droste, this album shows that Grizzly Bear is finally a band (and a damn good one at that). On constant play at Refinery29 and a strong contender as our album of the year.
Broadcast_thisweekBroadcast—Future Crayon
Very few bands wear their influences on their sleeves as
much as Broadcast, who boldly create albums in the vein of their favorite records of the 1960s. Somehow this almost kitschy idea has birthed one of the most interesting acts in rock music today, a creative group that has yielded
two of the finest albums of the decade. Their latest release is a collection of B-sides and non-album cuts from the past few years—a quirky selection of experimental songs that is a treat for fans and newcomers alike.
Timberlake_ThisWeekJustin Timberlake—FutureSex/LoveSound
How the times have changed. We could never have predicted that a former boy bander would be 2006's pop music savior but after the success of JT's debut album, his latest has become the most anticipated album of the year. At times channeling Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson, Justin manages to filter all his influences into his own creative voice and the result is an almost avant-garde pop masterpiece. Timbaland's presence is, of course, a huge part of the formula but you can't keep attributing Justin's success to other people when he is continuously proving himself to be one of the most exciting voices in pop music.

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