Music 01/25/06

This is one of the more idiosyncratic and numbingly bizarre albums we've heard in a while, and we mean that in a good way. Hand claps, skittering glitches meet heavy bass lines and slow building beats accumulating to a somewhat random stew of sounds and songs. In the end, each track whispers a soft but potent "pop" in your ear, forcing you to give it just one more spin.
B0009I46A8.01.TZZZZZZZJamie Lidell—Multiply
This scruffy hot british singer delivers what many would call "retro soul," but let's not be silly this isn't a Jamiroquai knockoff. At times he harks back to Otis and Sly but only if you are looking and listening closely. Mostly he just has a fantastic voice and to boot an amazing ear for penetrating beats. What's really lovely about the album is the sheer diversity of the tracks, some to dance to, some to smooch to.
B000BITA02.01._SCMZZZZZZZ_Paul Duncan—Be Careful What you Call Home
The best kind of folk is the simplest. Paul Duncan, a New York singer-song writer who is beginning to make waves in the indie world, has released his second album of tender ballads. No gimmicks here, just a beautiful voice and thoughtful songs. It's all so intimate and personal you almost wonder how he had the balls to share it with us.

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