The Best Beauty Products For Your Mom — According To These Editors' Moms

Every May, sons and daughters around the world are faced with an impossible challenge: What gift is worthy of giving to the woman who brought you into the world (and, as my mother used to say, could easily take you out of it, too)?
Mother's Day is a tough holiday — unless, of course, the family members in your life don't play it coy and come right out with what they want. If you work in beauty, you're especially familiar with these women, and there's no better way to show your love than by trekking to Sephora to get them the exact conditioner or mascara they want when you have access to a beauty closet with hundreds of others. At the end of the day, though, it's an even exchange: She gave you life; you give her Tom Ford.
Ahead, see the products that beauty editors across the web are always purchasing for the most important women in their lives.
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Photo: Via Lauren Valenti.
"My grandma Aggie is a beauty diehard. At 91-years-old, she still applies a full face of makeup with foundation, 'rouge' as she calls it, mascara, and red or fuchsia lipstick. This, despite having advanced arthritis in her hands.

Her go-to product is Elizabeth Arden’s legendary Eight Hour Cream. I have distinct childhood memories of the red and white tube perched on her vanity, so the apricot-tinged balm has always held a special place in my heart both sentimentally and in practice. I've used it as a basic moisturizer, irritation or burn salve, and overnight lip treatment. I also love slicking it on the lids for a glossy effect — a trick I learned from Beyoncé’s makeup artist, Sir John." — Lauren Valenti, Digital Beauty Editor at Marie Claire
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Photo: Via Danielle Prescod.
"Lately, my mom has become obsessed with the idea that she needs anti-aging moisturizers... but she literally looks like she's 40! I won't say how old she really is. Anyway, I have been giving her anti-aging products slowly over the last few months and I recently gave her this Caudalie Cru Elixir. She loves it. Additionally, she can never have enough mascaras. The best ones are from Lancôme and Dior, so I stock up on them and give her as many as I can at one time. The reaction is always the same ecstatic exclamation: 'Mascara?!'" — Danielle Prescod, Lifestyle Editor at BET
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Photo: Via Sara Tan.
"For as long as I can remember, my mom has never left the house without rosy red cheeks. She has always been a huge fan of blush, which is probably the reason I, too, can never be spotted without some sort of rouge on my face. She typically likes to use a liquid or cream cheek stain, so whenever I receive a new one to try, she's always the first to give it a shot. I recently introduced her to Glossier's Cloud Paint, and it was love at first swipe. When it comes to blush, my mom is a believer that more is more. It can sometimes be a bit bold for my taste, but she somehow always makes it work and looks fabulous." — Sara Tan, West Coast Fashion and Beauty Editor at Bustle
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Photo: Via Stephanie Montes.
"A few months back, my mom and I traded skin-care routines for a week. While I always pass along amazing product finds to her, this was the first time she was introduced to my personal favorites, and now I know why I kept them from her for so long. I'm still hoping to get my Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash back. Just kidding — love you Mom!” — Stephanie Montes, Senior Beauty Editor at The Zoe Report
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Photo: Via Gwen Flamberg.
"My mother is, and always has been, extremely glamorous, but she never really wore a lot of makeup (other than a killer lip) or fussed over maintenance. She’s never dyed her hair (probably why I have an aversion to do so) or gotten a proper facial. She’ll hit me up for lipsticks, but rarely do I get it right, as she leans towards a not-too-burgundy or just-so bright plum with shimmer. It must have a touch of sparkle, or Audrey deems it too flat. So I will usually give her a bunch of lipstick shades and textures that might somehow be blended into a semblance of what she’ll wear.

The one sure thing I know she’ll love is fragrance. She favors unisex-ish scents with some green and/or suble spice notes, and often mixes a few to create a signature scent (funny, I do the same thing.) Her current faves are Tom Ford Black Orchid and Chanel 1932 from the Les Exclusives line. I can’t wait for her to try the new Goop edition 2 fragrance called Shiso — she’ll flip for it." — Gwen Flamberg, Beauty Director at Us Weekly
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"My mom worked in the cosmetics industry for years, so she knows just as well as I do what’s good and what she needs to hoard. My grandma is the same way. They have beauty collections that rival Sephora stores, so they text me with very detailed — sometimes annoyingly so — instructions of the things they need and want. For my mom, that’s usually Erasa XEP-30 Serum, anything from Sisley Paris, and Colorscience Primer.

My grandma loves anything from Clarins, plus Marula Oil and Dior Creme Abricot for her nails. She slathers oils and creams on her cuticles like it’s her full-time job.” — Jenna Rosenstein, Senior Digital Beauty Editor at Harper's Bazaar
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Photo: Via Essence Gant.
"My mom hits me up for just about anything I mention to her. If I say I like it, she'll usually go, 'What is it? I'm 'bout to order me some, girl!' Usually, though, I just get it for her. I recently put her onto Frank Body Creamy Face Scrub, then Ouidad. I was telling her how great a detangler it was for natural hair, and I went to Ulta and bought her some. Basically if I swear by it, she wants it. But I'm the same way. Our beauty regimens are basically a mix of each other's hair and skin faves." — Essence Gant, Beauty Editor at Buzzfeed
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Photo: Via Sam Sasso.
"Without fail, every two to four weeks, my mother will ask me for cleansing wipes. And while she's never been picky about beauty products (the woman doesn't even use conditioner!), she's suddenly a makeup wipe freak.

My mom is also the queen of hairspray — and she won't deny it. Oh, and she only likes one kind (Tresemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray), so even the most prestige brands won't impress her." — Samantha Sasso, Beauty Editorial Assistant at Refinery29
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"I always get my mom nice perfumes. She loves collecting beautiful bottles, and even though she's not one to wear fragrance daily, she loves having them on display in her bathroom. I recently got her Tom Ford's Black Orchid, which she loves." — Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer at Refinery29
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Photo: Via Khalea Underwood.
"My family teases my mom about her willingness to try any samples that I bring home. She even asked about these glittery lips that I tried out for a Facebook video once — as if she'd really go to work wearing red NYX Face and Body Glitter on her lips. But occasionally, she'll request something more practical, like an eyebrow pencil. I gave her MAC's Brow Sculpt in Stud, which immediately defined the light arches on her beautiful face." — Khalea Underwood, Beauty Writer at Refinery29
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"Growing up, I would watch the care that my mom put into her beauty routine. She has her skincare regimen down to a science (it's truly a thing of wonder), but lately, I've been mailing her a box of makeup products to experiment with. One recent discovery is Clinique's Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm ($17). Usually she stays fairly mum about the products I send, but the other day she sent me a photo of her Chubby Stick used precariously close to the end of its life with a text, 'Can you send me more of this?' She then proceeded to follow up a few days later with the exact same text (#waysparentstext)." — Faith Xue, Editorial Director for Byrdie
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