17 Primers To Keep Your Makeup In Check All Day

Beauty is a tricky field to navigate come summer. Mascaras become waterproof, but are a nightmare to take off; hair gets wilder, thanks to the humidity; nail polish lasts about 24 hours before peeling away. One of the most frustrating aspects, though, is applying your makeup in the morning only for it to slide off by lunchtime — and that's just in an air-conditioned office.
So what's the answer to keep it all in place, no matter where you are? A powerful primer. The little wunderkind has many tricks up its sleeve: illuminating, pore-refining, tone-evening, mattifying — the best primers are pretty darn impressive. Think of it as the camera-ready, makeup-holding addition to your routine.
If you're looking to keep the shine and slide at bay this summer, but you don't know where to start, never fear: we've found the best primers beauty has to offer.