5 Easy Makeup Tips To Take You From Daytime To Date Night

Despite what pop culture once led us to believe, we've come to realize not all date-night beauty prep involves an elaborate master bathroom, a plush white bathrobe, and vanilla-scented candles. For us, it's more like an Olympic event — a race against the clock as we finish up at the office, attempt to hail a cab, and then proceed to spend said cab ride struggling to put our liquid liner on straight. (And, we only get that far after we've managed to overcome any number of last-minute beauty disasters.)
Needless to say, when it comes to beauty, we know firsthand it can be a tricky transition from work to play. Makeup puts us in a particular state of mind — and if we're stuck with our lunchtime lipstick, it's tough to mentally maneuver ourselves into date-night mode.
But, as with anything, it's all about the preparation. And, with the right tools on hand, it really can be easy to go from working woman to Valentine vixen. Click through for a full look at our ultimate day-to-night must-haves.
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Prep Your Skin
Whether you classify your skin as oily or not, by the end of a long day, even the driest of T-zones can have a little unwanted shine. These oil-absorbing sheets are so lightweight, you can't afford not to carry them in your daytime beauty bag. Bonus: Clean & Clear's version promises not to smudge makeup.
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Get Rid Of Gunk
We're still confused as to why the inventor of makeup-remover-infused cotton swabs hasn't won a Nobel Prize: Just bend the blue lined tip and watch as the opposite end of the swab fills with remover — perfect for targeting eye makeup that's strayed throughout the day.
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Neutral Eyes
Now that you've primed your canvas, you're ready to add a little date-night oomph. A neutral palette does double duty for day and night, and it's almost impossible to mess up blending darker colors — even if you use your fingers. Use your high-tech makeup remover swab to clean up the edges.
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Bat Your Lashes
There are few worse beauty sins than clumpy mascara. Coats on coats look just plain spider-y — and if you add an extra layer on top of your already dried (and possibly flaking) work-day mascara, you're especially susceptible. So, leave well enough alone and highlight your lower lashes instead. Clinique's Lower Lash Mascara is small enough to stash in your clutch.
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Skip The Lip
We'd wear a bold lip 24/7 if we could, but this might be one occasion not to layer up. Assuming you started off the day with a fresh coat and reapplied post-lunch, you've got color to spare. So, at the risk of veering into clown territory by applying once again, we say liven up what you've got. Apply a thin layer of shiny, clear gloss to amp up your kisser. (Whether or not it stays there is up to you...wink, wink.)
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Get Glowing
Here's the part where the stress of your 9-to-5 is magically masked. Highlighter, what would we do without you? Choose a shimmery, not sparkly, version like this one from Benefit. Dab at the browbone, upper cheeks, and Cupid's bow for a subtle-yet-luminous glow.
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