Quick Fixes For All Your Valentine's Day Beauty Disasters

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    There is nothing that can cause a five-alarm freakout like a last-minute beauty disaster, especially when it comes to date night. Let's make it interesting and add Valentine's Day to the mix. Disaster strikes and — dun-dun-DUN — you're back in bed, calling in scared.

    This is not a discussion of a mere broken nail. We're talking eruptions of red bumps from a waxing service to cat-eye makeup that looks like you attempted the look in the back of a moving (and bumpy) car ride. And, it's waterproof. Good times! Ever been standing outside with the cutest hairstyle only to suddenly have an overhang of snow fall on your head?

    Honestly, short of getting your hair caught in a paper shredder, there are very few beauty mishaps that can't be handled with a few choice products and a little forearmed knowledge. Not to get all Debbie Downer on you, but Mercury is in retrograde — plan accordingly.

    So, here, in all their glory, are last-minute fixes for pretty much every Valentine's Day beauty emergency we could think up. Except for that paper shredder one. You'd better call 911 (and your stylist) in that case.

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