6 Magical Herbs You Need To Kick Off Spring

Photographed by Eylul Aslan.
The clocks have sprung back and the spring fever is setting in. But before you fully embrace the frenetic energy that kicks in around the vernal equinox, you probably ought to tackle at least little spring cleaning. Whether you choose to focus your deep cleanse on your wardrobe or personal life, there's a plant with healing, spiritual properties that can fuel your efforts.
While it never hurts to have a sprig of rosemary or a few honeysuckle blossoms in your house, it's especially important to keep plants that are associated with protection, love, and purity handy in the springtime. They'll imbue your living space with a sense of security and the promise of a fresh start. And, if you ask us, those are the exact vibes we're trying to feel as we thaw out after winter.
Ahead, we've rounded up some of the best plants and herbs to keep in your home and garden to celebrate the vernal equinox. Read on to learn more about their spiritual properties and what makes them perfect for the springtime.
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Promotes: purity, healing, peace

Why it's great for spring: It's believed that keeping basil in your home can cultivate prosperity and have protective effects — what more could you want while tackling your spring cleaning? Plus, this ubiquitous herb is thought to strengthen and reinforce romantic bonds, so even if its scent reminds you more of pizza than romance, you might benefit from diffusing basil essential oil in the bedroom.
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Promotes: positivity, deep sleep, love

Why it's great for spring: Psychologically speaking, spring fever is real. If you're feeling a little twitterpated and would rather have your feet firmly planted on the ground, try diffusing some rosemary essential oils or hanging a dried sprig of it in your window. Commonly known as a kitchen herb, rosemary can enhance feelings of love, security, and mental clarity. That influence will help you feel steadier and more stable in the face of any seasonal restlessness.
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Promotes: spirituality, adaptability, strength

Why it's great for spring: Nowadays, you probably think of this plant as little more than a weed, but you can actually learn a lesson in survival from the hardy dandelion. As herbalist Candace Hunter writes, dandelions represent tenacity despite unforeseen challenges due to their ability to grow just about anywhere. As these dainty little flowers start to pop up in your yard, you'll remember to stay strong no matter what this season brings.
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Promotes: wealth, protection, renewal

Why it's great for spring: Your mind might leap to sage or Palo Santo when you think of cleansing your home, but cedar is just as good, especially if you want to rebalance the energy in your home after a springtime clean-out. Burn a sprig of cedar and let the smoke permeate the rooms where you cleared out the most stuff — your closet, cabinets, and junk drawer leap to mind. Doing so will free the space of any negative associations with the items you threw out.
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Promotes: desire, luck, truth

Why it's great for spring: Love is bound to be in the air as temps start to rise, and nothing heightens feelings of love (or ups your flirting game) like honeysuckle. The sweet scent of this flower is believed to put people in a generous, sharing mood and can coax couples to get even closer. Sometimes you just have to lean into that spring fever feeling.
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Promotes: privacy, defense, bravery

Why it's great for spring: Spring cleaning is all about deciding what you don't want to keep in your life, but the sneaky follow-up step is to make sure that any harmful presence (be it a relationship or shade of nail polish) stays out. With their notorious sting, nettles are just the plant to keep around if you're trying to guard yourself against negativity. Keep some nettle leaves (or whole plants) by the entrance to your home to ensure only positive influences cross the threshold.