Your October Love Horoscope, Revealed


There are two signs in the zodiac that are synonymous with love, lust, and longing — Libra and Scorpio. In October, the sun beams its bright energy toward both, revving up our inner romantics and increasing our urge to merge. Libra season, which lasts until the 22nd, is more lighthearted and happy to draw out the courtship phase. Air-sign energies, like those of Libras, love to converse and collect data. This month, revel in the getting-to-know-you process because, honestly, there’s always something new to learn about the one you love.

When water sign Scorpio takes the wheel for a month on the 22nd, get ready to plunge into the deep...or hop on the life raft and paddle furiously away. This raw, instinctual season has an all-or-nothing theme, so forget about stringing anyone along with a "call me, maybe" line. With this palpable simmering energy ruling the skies, seductive powers are super potent in October’s final third. Beam them mindfully or hearts could break.


Before you can truly commit to another person, you have to first fall in love with yourself. October is #LibraSeason, and with the sun and romantic Venus (your cosmic ruler) touring your sign, making yourself a primary focus is everything. No, that doesn't mean you have to call off your current relationship or take a month-long vow of celibacy. Just track your actions. Are you ditching your own dreams to chase your latest crush or sacrificing your personal social calendar to spend time with your boo? Stop that! Instead, build up your inner confidence by devoting large chunks of time to developing your own ambitions — even taking classes if you're still discovering what lights your fire.

On the 16th, the full moon electrifies your relationship house, bringing rich rewards for all your self-discovery work. You could meet someone who truly sees you and appreciates your individuality. Existing relationships will fall into a more harmonious balance, too. Talks could turn to cohabitation on the 19th, thanks to the merger of intense Mars and Pluto. Do you feel safe opening up to your love interest? Venus urges you to speak your truth and be vulnerable in October's second half. Near the 29th, making a clear request can take a connection from casual to concrete.
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