Your December Love Horoscope, Revealed

You can't rush love — and you can't fake it either. This month, the expressive sun and serious Saturn ride together through Sagittarius — the zodiac's most candid sign. The time has come to bare your soul and tell the ones you adore how you truly feel. But don't just down a shot of truth serum and unleash all. With Saturn in the picture, a clear plan is crucial. Forget about asking questions like, "Are you into me?" or "Where do you see the two of us heading together?" Instead, take time to clarify your ideal vision of love, whether it looks like a white-picket-fence fantasy or a friends-with-benefits situation. Once you have a solid picture in your head, set up time for a heart-to-heart. Introduce the idea with confidence, like, "Hey, I'd love to go away for a long holiday weekend together. Would you be into that?" In other words, stargazers, take the lead in love — with a little bit of swagger and a dose of common sense.


Love is in the air for Leos this December, which could very well shape into your most romantic month of 2016! There’s no need to hold back your take-charge nature. With fearless Mars rolling through your relationship houses all month, you'll play the role of the initiator. But, do pace yourself with those wild moves. Mars can make you come on a little too strong at times. On the 1st through 10th of the month, chemistry that's been bubbling in the background (with a friend, even) could explode into a real-deal relationship. Keep your standards high, and don't settle for less than power couple status. Coupled Leos could make some important decisions together near the 10th, like moving in together, getting engaged, or picking out baby names.

December 7th through the 19th will be a romantic power period for you as cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars tandem trek through your commitment sector. Don't wait until the holidays to slip off for a sexy couples' weekend. After the 21st, you won't have quite the same lust for life as the sun sinks into practical Capricorn for a month. But hey, relaxing with your boo will be blissful, too. There’s nothing wrong with a quiet weekend at home in your love nest.
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