The Biggest Ladurée In The World (& Other Macaron Madness!)

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    For those of us tucked away in lower Manhattan, there is one word that makes us eagerly jump onto the closest subway car and head all the way up to the Upper East: Ladurée. Call it a sweet tooth (it's more like an obsession), but we were giddy with excitement during our visit this past week, in which the news broke that the famous pastry shop was officially moving, so close to our office. Set to open in December, the Ladurée Soho location is not just a place to pick up tasty macarons, it will be a full tea salon, housing two chefs to delight both our sweet and savory sides with an entire menu of French culinary options. Not only the largest location in the city, the new Soho tea salon will be the biggest Ladurée location on the globe.

    Because we can only whet your appetite with the news of the opening, here's a little treat for the macaron fans who can't wait until December. New this month, the family-owned company welcomes '70s-themed psychedelic-print boxes at the Madison Avenue location (yes, it's okay to collect them all). In addition — and just in time for the five-o-clock munchies — Ladurée invites us all to head uptown for macaron ice cream. This chic iced treat is the ultimate upgrade to summer's usual Mister Softee routine.

    We'll have to wait to see what Soho's newest French hot spot will look like, but, until then, take a peek ahead at some of the delicious new goodies at Ladurée, including the latest box designs, the coolest (pun intended) ice cream in NYC, and, did mention we got word of a Lanvin collaboration in the future? Thanks to Ladurée, this week we aren't in any short supply of good news... and good dessert.

    Photos: Courtesy of La Durée
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