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The Best Arm Workout For Serious Results

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There comes a point in all of our fitness careers where we finally conquer the moves we once dreaded. The word "push-up" alone, for example, used to turn our arms to jelly. Now? We've 100% mastered it, and we're ready for a bigger challenge. That's where the jumping push-up — a.k.a. the move's bouncier, more effective cousin — comes in.

Begin in standard push-up position, with your abs and core muscles engaged, your shoulders over your wrists, and your hips aligned with your shoulders. Lower down into a normal push-up, and as you ascend, use your upper-body strength to push all the way off of the ground.

"Once you can do 15 standard push-ups, you're totally ready to take on this variation," says trainer Franklin Henderson of Stronger and Company LLC. "And if you want to make it even more challenging, try to clap your hands together as you jump."

Start with 5 reps per set, and progress to sets of 15 reps. Eventually, work your way to three sets of 15.

Gap Body bra, Zelly leggings, C9 by Champion sneakers.

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How To Do A Jumping Push UpReleased on October 12, 2015