Want To Know When Someone Unfollows You? Download These Apps

Photographed by Michael Beckert.
Unfollowing someone on Instagram is the social media equivalent of giving them the cold shoulder. It can be subtle, even unnoticeable at first, until that person realizes you're no longer Liking their content.
Though Instagram notifies you about new followers, it keeps the reverse — someone’s decision to unfollow you — a mystery. But if you do want to know when you lose a follower, there are apps that can keep you up to date.
Ahead, our take on some of the most popular ones. Just think carefully before you download any of them. Though some reasons behind unfollows are harmless (don't we all have that overly active friend from high school with whom we never actually talk?), others, especially those following a breakup, can hit closer to the heart.
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UnFollowers On Instagram

While its layout isn't the prettiest, UnFollowers gets the job done. Once you log in with your Instagram credentials, the app shows you your new followers, people who have unfollowed you, people whom you follow but who don't follow you back, and vice versa. You can find out who has blocked you and get additional profile insights, but you'll pay for them.
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Followers offers almost all of the same features as UnFollowers, plus additional insights. Granted, you'll have to pay extra for these too, but if you want to know more about which posts of yours have proven the most popular, who is liking your photos more often than others, and see comments that have been deleted, you may decide the cost (starting at $1.99) is worth it.
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Followers For Instagram

This app is one of the most highly rated in the App Store, but isn't worth the hassle. You'll face lengthy ads every time you try to log on. Plus, every time I did get to the log-on screen, I was told that I needed to update my Instagram account with two-factor authentication, something that I had already done.
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Followers Pro

Of the unfollow-tracking apps I tried, Followers Pro was by far my favorite. It displays the info you want to know in an easy-to-read format and doesn't throw ads at you every step of the way. You'll still need to pay for extras, including block notifications and account analysis, but the rest of the experience is preferable to others offering similar features.