Everything You Want To Know About Hunger Games' Sequel, Catching Fire

Update: It is official. Sam Claflin has gotten the coveted role of Finnick O'Dair. Not to rub it in, but we so called it. (Hunger Games Facebook)
Whatever, okay? Whatever. R29 is obsessed. When it comes to The Hunger Games, we are generally starving (...for information. Get it?). The books have given readers a modern-day heroine, and the movies demonstrate that being Jennifer Lawrence's BFF would be great — and now, the upcoming sequels provide plenty of celluloid gossip fodder.
We've been tracking the slow reveal of casting choices, since characters like Finnick and Beetee become so crucial later in the books, but before we progress, The Hunger Games fans here decided to come up with a comprehensive doc of each character and who has been picked to play them, plus a little bit of THG-fluent insight. We've got the scoop on Johanna Mason, Finnick Odair, and more. It may go without saying, but movie — and book — spoilers lay ahead.
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Finnick Odair, Sam Claflin

We knew about Sam Claflin earlier this summer, but the hunky Brit casts as the lovesick tribute (with secrets) from District 4 is pretty on-point. He's been in Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Snow White And The Huntsman. Are his eyes green? They better be green.

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Plutarch Heavensbee, Philip Seymour Hoffman

We were excited to hear that this Oscar winner is taking on one of the more intense roles of the series. Katniss spends her book eyeing Plutarch as a threat, but he ends up being an okay guy in the end. We are positive PSH will bring the nuanced enthusiasm/creepiness of the book's character.

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Enobaria, Meta Golding

A gorgeous, cruel, and determined Hunger Games contestant, Enobaria is a career tribute (and has her teeth sharpened so she can use them as a weapon, too). The beautiful Haitian-American actress Meta Golding has recently been cast, and we'd love to see this Day Break star on the big screen!

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Mags, Lynn Cohen

Do you remember when Miranda's vibrator gets replaced by a statue of the Virgin Mary in Sex And The City? That sweet, good Ukrainian housekeeper is playing the slightly addled Mags, whose sole purpose as a character is to break our hearts.

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Wiress, Amanda Plummer

Do you recognize Amanda Plummer? You ought to — not only for her string of acclaimed indie roles (like The Fisher King or Sophomore), but her memorable role in Pulp Fiction. While Wiress is a small, but important, role, it'll be great to see Amanda on the big screen again.

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Brutus, Bruno Gunn

To be honest, we didn't know much about Bruno Gunn before the announcement that Gunn would be playing the District 2 tribute, but doesn't the name Bruno Gunn just sound like it should belong to Brutus? You don't want to mess with him.

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Johanna Mason, Jena Malone

Johanna Mason is a tough, sometimes cruel, entirely independent reflection of Katniss — a version of Katniss if she didn't have Prim. Malone, who hit fame with Donnie Darko, isn't entirely a household name, but her string of indie successes means that she's got the chops to pull off Johanna's bad-assery.

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Gloss, Alan Ritchson

Smallville's Aquaman and Blue Mountain State's Thad joins the cast as the beautiful, deadly Gloss. Alan Ritchson, who is a beautiful, chiseled (no word on deadly) man, is a spot-on choice.

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Cashmere, Stephanie Leigh Schlund

Stephanie Leigh Schlund has only had minor roles up until now, so we can't really comment on her acting (she was, however, a Price Is Right Model, which is AWESOME), but check out those emerald eyes: So District 1.

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