We Had No Idea Hot Rollers Could Do THIS

Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Of all the hot tools you'd expect to find in an L.A. hairstylist's kit — a modern blowdryer, an advanced flat iron, curling irons in every shape and size — hot rollers might be the most unexpected. It's often mislabeled as a one-look wonder, but you'll be shocked to know that modern versions of the throwback tool are having a huge moment among the Hollywood set.

Need proof? Look no further than Chrissy Teigen's hairstylist David Lopez, who uses the tool to create an array of easy-to-copy looks on his A-list clients — and our model, ahead. In fact, once you get the basics down, you can craft everything from a classic blowout to a messy, cool-girl ponytail, with barely any effort at all.

Click ahead for Lopez's hot-roller how-to: three easy looks in three days — without washing. Ready? Let's roll.
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For Basics
For this shoot, we enlisted T3's new hot rollers — and for good reason. The just-released set has two heat settings (low for fine or damaged hair and softer styles; high for everything else) and is packed with both small and large rollers, with additional ones available for purchase. (Some styles benefit from added rollers, which you'll see ahead.)

Other bells and whistles of note: Each roller has an internal ceramic heater for even temperature; the velvet exterior imparts shine and smoothness, while lightly holding hair in place; the plastic edges are grippy, break-resistant if dropped, and stay cool to the touch; and the clips won't dent the hair.

Got 'em plugged in and warmed up? Great, let's get started.

T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe, $119, available at T3 Micro.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Day 1: The Bouncy (Non) Blowout

The tool's claim to fame — a big, bouncy blowout sans blowdryer — is surprisingly easy to master. And it's the foundation of all the looks we'll do ahead, which makes it the perfect style for day-one hair.

Note: Those with curly or very wavy hair, like our model Khadijha, will need to straighten out their texture with a blowdryer or flat iron to achieve this specific look. While the rollers are fantastic at imparting shine and smoothing the hair, the heat isn't strong enough to straighten very curly strands. However, a quick-and-dirty dry job is fine: "Don't worry about getting it smooth and sleek," Lopez adds. "Straight and puffy is fine!"

Working with fine or stick-straight hair? "Start with a body-building or volumizing mousse, like Kenra Professional's Volume Mousse or Kevin Murphy's Body Builder Mousse," Lopez says. Rake through dry locks and comb to be sure it's evenly distributed.

Silk Rose Bomber, $196, available at Prism Boutique; Topshop Metallic Sleeveless Tabard Vest, $68, available at Topshop.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
First things first: Let's talk about the right way to roll. While it may seem natural, do not start at the ends of the hair and roll up — ever. That can create wonky ends and will focus the curl on the bottom half of the hair, which is not the modern, voluminous look we're going for here.

Instead, give yourself a deep side-part and grab a large chunk of hair above the ear. Lift up the section to eye level (this gives you more volume, Lopez explains), then place the roller under it, a few inches from the scalp. Roll the hair below it slowly and evenly around the roller.

Once you have all the hair secure and the ends are still loose — like in the image here — you can start rolling toward the scalp, carefully allowing the ends to smoothly rest around the outside of the roller. (This keeps them from receiving too much heat; the straighter the ends, the cooler the look.)

Clip the roller in place, double-checking that your ends are smoothly placed. (Yes, this is an important enough step to repeat.)
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Grab a few rollers and employ the same technique on all the hair at the crown. (A refresher: Lift the hair straight up, place the roller, wrap the hair, smooth the ends, roll toward the scalp, then clip.) "It's important to roll the hair at the crown back, so it falls and blends into the rest of your style," Lopez explains.

When it comes to the hair in the front, pull it forward over your forehead (for maximum volume), and repeat, rolling toward the head in the same style.

Next, roll the hair on the other side of the head, mirroring the first roll you did. You should end up with a roller on each side and a mohawk of rollers on top.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Finally, secure the hair in back with your remaining rollers. Comb out the hair, grab a section, and repeat the process, paying close attention to the ends of the hair. (Don't forget to make sure they're smoothly placed before clipping! Do we sound like a broken record yet?)
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Keep on rocking and rollin'...
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Et voilà — you've done a set in under 10 minutes! Now let the rollers fully cool, which takes about 20 minutes.

Options to fill the time: Do your makeup, make breakfast, meditate, Snapchat your roller set with the dog filter, walk your actual dog and relish in the jealous stares — you get it.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Release the bottom roller and check the temperature. Letting your strands fully cool is paramount to getting volume — so don't rush it.

Cool as a cucumber? Great, now you may gently release all the rollers.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Grab a wide-tooth comb and work it slowly through the hair to break up the curls. "A large comb will give a more lived-in feel to the blowout look," Lopez says. Loosely part the hair down the middle with your fingers — the less precisely, the better.

Product time! After taking down your set, you can mist on a texturizing spray, like Dry Texture from Kenra Platinum or Après Beach from Oribe, to give it a rougher, cool finish, Lopez says. Or, if you have dry hair, "you can use one pump of a nourishing hair oil, like Young Again from Kevin Murphy or Revive Oil from Kenra Platinum, for smoothness through the ends.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
And that's it! A loose, bouncy blowout that will last — and one that took far less time than a traditional blowdry. Now go out and conquer your day. But don't lather up just yet...
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Day 2: The Throwback Set

Starting on day-two hair? Perfect! Simply brush out your faux-blowout from yesterday using a boar-bristle brush, which will distribute oil and any residual product, adding further shine. Starting with clean, smoothed-out hair will work, too.

For the humble hot roller's next trick, Lopez will be teaching us how to create an Old Hollywood, '40s-inspired wave — which looks just as rad styled with vintage denim as it does with a formal gown.

Yunis K Silk Tassel Hoop Earrings, $55, available at Yunis K; A.L.C. Tota Bodysuit, $325, available at A.L.C.

Levi's vintage denim jacket.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
To begin, Lopez misted Kevin Murphy's Shimmer Shine through Khadijha's locks for megawatt, glossy results. He then created a clean, sharp part over the arch of her eyebrow. This will be your parting for the final look, so make sure you love the placement.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Draw an imaginary line from the top of one ear to the other (like a headband). We'll focus on everything in front of this line first.

Starting with the hair opposite the parting, set one-third of the front section into a roller using the same technique as in the first look.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Repeat, making sure that the rollers are going in the same direction that you see here (away from your part). Don't forget to lift the hair up and to the side before rolling: "You want to build as much volume and shape in the mid-lengths of the hair [as you can], to support the waves when the hair gets brushed out," Lopez explains.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Repeat on the side with the part. Note: All the hair in this front section should be rolled away from the part, as you can see here.

Prep the back section by combing it out.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Now, section the hair on the back of the head into manageable sizes (about three inches each). Lift, and repeat the same technique, making sure all the rollers are going back toward the nape of the neck.

Note: You can use small or large rollers on the back of the head, but try to keep your sections the same size. The smaller rollers you use, the curlier the hair will be.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
All rolled up? Chill for 20 minutes or so to allow your curls to fully cool. (And feel free to take a cute picture like this.)
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Test a roller. Is it cool? Great, gently release 'em all.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Using a nylon-and-boar-mixture brush — Sonia Kashuk makes a great affordable option — gently brush through the curls from root to end, without disturbing your part. Stop once the waves start blending together.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Once your curls are brushed into wavy, glossy perfection, mist with light-hold hairspray. To get every last flyaway, Lopez misted some hairspray onto the brush and took one last pass over the top.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
And you're done! You can add additional shine with another mist of Shimmer Shine if needed — but don't even think about shampooing tomorrow, because your bouncy (non) blowout still has legs...
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Day 3: The Too-Cool Pony

The curly pony gets a modern, cool-girl update thanks to a few volumizing bends. The best part? This style takes under five minutes to execute. Ready to get out the door fast as lightning? Plug in those rollers!

Yunis K Gigi Bandana in Black, $58, available at Yunis K; Topshop Black Ribbed Bodysuit, $52, available at Topshop stores.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Brush out your 'do with a boar-bristle brush and gather not one, but two elastics. Why double up? "The two elastics will be stacked on top of each other to create more height and volume," Lopez explains.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Gently smooth back the hair with a brush, allowing the top section to remain as voluminous as possible. Loosely secure with one elastic at the crown.

Pull apart the pony gently, driving the elastic tighter toward the head; this will make some of the hair on the scalp look roughed up and imperfect — which is a good thing. Stack the second elastic on top of the first.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Feelin' secure and lookin' cute? Grab your rollers!
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Grab a chunk of hair and wrap just the mid-length of the section around a roller, then roll it up to the elastic. Leave at least one-third of the ends out of the roller. Lopez explains: "You're building volume and lift at the base of the ponytail and leaving the ends out for a more 'cool girl' texture and finish."
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Keep going section by section, alternating the size of the roller, until all of the hair is rolled and clipped. Remember: Leave a few inches of your ends loose, or you'll end up with a bouncy '50s pony instead. (Still cute, but not what we're going for here...)
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
All done? Let them fully cool, then remove your rollers.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Shake out the bends, and lightly tease underneath a few sections for additional body.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
Separate your pony, and blast the roots with dry shampoo or texture spray to get the grit necessary to help hold the look all day. Then, define ends with a bit of shine-giving wax. Finish with a light mist of hairspray all over. Don't hold back on product — you can wash it out later tonight.

Lopez recommends Oribe's Dry Texture Spray, Bumble and Bumble's Sumotech Wax, and Kenra's Platinum HiDef Hairspray 16, respectively.
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Photographed by Benjo Arwas.
There you have it — three looks in three days with just one tool!

Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.
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