Your Horoscope For This Week — May 31 2014

With the quarter moon in efficiency-loving Virgo this week, we’re all just a wee bit OCD. There's nothing wrong with color-coding your nail polish collection but please don’t veer into perfectionist terrain. Quarter moons bring a message of balance, and the fussier among us could get a reminder to stop sweating the small stuff. And, yep, it’s that time of year again — Mercury turns retrograde from Saturday until July 1. Back up your computer and change your Facebook privacy settings, or your info could get into the wrong hands. But, fear not, stargazers, we’ve got your back. Click ahead for your weekly horoscope, and then stay tuned for the upcoming edition of Astrologica for must-read tips on sailing through Mercury mayhem with the unflappable cool of Angelina Jolie.
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Busy Geminis, we know your activities cup runneth over, but don’t forget the people you’d thank in your future acceptance speech. A few are feeling neglected, and this is the week to make amends. Devote your undivided attention to the people you adore — your time is tight, so make it quality. You may even want to show up with a gift (something small-batch or handmade will do). On Saturday, your cosmic ruler Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks — never a great time for you. The retrograde lasts until July 1, but the first 10 days will affect your cash and work relationships. Make a budget, and maybe keep those credit cards locked up, you impulse shopper, you. If you're locking horns with coworkers and need to vent, steer clear of water-cooler gossip. You never know who has formed an alliance. Someone you worked with in the past could appear with a lead or even an offer, and it's fine to explore, but get all the details before you quit the job you have.
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Tune up that fixie or pull your running shorts out of storage. A quarter moon in your restless third house gets you in the mood to move your body. Bonus if this involves a change of scenery. Hit some new trails and invite friends to join you for some al fresco exercise. Dancing is great, too, especially since your social life could use an infusion of fresh faces. But, alas, there will be some misunderstandings starting Saturday, when Mercury slips into a three-week retrograde. Double jeopardy alert: The retrograde begins in Cancer as Mercury backstrokes through your sign until June 17. You’ll feel the signal-scrambling more than most. Rather than fight to be understood, retreat to your shell and develop your genius ideas in private. By July, you’ll be ready to show them off — and the results will leave jaws dropped.
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If life imitates art, yours bears a striking resemblance to a Dalí painting this week. Mercury, the planet that rules mental processes, is firmly entrenched in your twelfth house of fantasy and, on Saturday, will turn retrograde to boot. On the one hand, your creativity will be off the charts and then some. But, what’s real and what’s fake? Your ability to judge could blur, so keep a levelheaded wing-woman on speed dial when you can no longer tell the difference. If you need to make amends or tie up loose ends, do so before Mercury’s retrograde strikes this weekend. Dealing with those issues gets a lot trickier if you wait too long to just say you're sorry.
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You may be as beatific as Elle Fanning, but are you really that innocent? This week’s quarter moon in Virgo calls forth your inner badass. Show a little backbone, but just enough to let people know they can’t walk all over you. If you’ve been receding into the wallpaper, step forward again. Maybe it’s time to find a new group to hang with: one in which you actually get to have a voice. Or, return to a group that you parted with in the past. Mercury turns retrograde from Saturday until July 1, making every day feel like #tbt. Let the reunions commence; get the band back together. This sentimental journey may be short-lived, but it will remind you of the qualities you most love in yourself.
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With a quarter moon in your twelfth house of fantasy, your imagination is working in overdrive. Grab your guitar, acrylics, or DIY supplies and create, create, create. Quarter moons, however, are about balance, so don’t forget your practical side. You might even put your talents into a moneymaking venture: The Etsy store awaits, Libra. Since your charitable spirit will also be awakened, you might volunteer to design a flyer for an event — or just bring your sunny, can-do personality to help out. On Saturday, authority issues bubble up as Mercury turns retrograde until July 1. The first 10 days will affect your career zone, bringing power struggles at the job. Just because others are throwing their weight around doesn’t mean you should fight fire with fire. Aim for excellence and mastery, and let your work speak for itself.
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Taking one for the team doesn’t mean letting people take advantage of your kindness. This week, you may have to call a timeout with your crew and get everyone back into a cooperative groove. Sharing the load, and the expenses, is only fair, but others may not realize they’ve been taking advantage of your kindness. Assume innocence instead of pointing fingers and making accusations. On Saturday, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks making you prone to foot-in-mouth gaffes, so there are a few reasons to keep your acerbic wit under wraps. While Mercury’s been known to mess with travel, booking wisely and revisiting a place you adore could bring a rush of good vibes. You might even reunite with your 2013 summer love.
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This week, you’re kicking ass and taking names, as a quarter moon calls you into a leadership role. But, being the boss doesn’t mean ruling with an iron fist. Check in with the troops to get their feedback; even critiques are valuable. You may need to show some domineering people that you have a backbone, too. Don’t be afraid to question a bullying type who has clearly mistaken you for the softie you’re not. On Saturday, the line between seduction and destruction gets blurry when Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks. The planet of communication will backstroke through the waters of your erotic eighth house making some of your judgments, er, questionable. Trust must be earned, Sagittarius, so don’t rush to Tweet that you’ve just met The One after your first coffee together. If an ex comes around, their games could get brutal, or worse, disrupt the harmony of an existing relationship. Don’t go there — we beg of you.
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Have a sip of truth serum, Capricorn. With a quarter moon in your candid ninth house, it’s time to keep it real. But, that doesn’t mean you have to reveal every skeleton in your closet. The way you tell a story will determine how people process the information. If you’re freaked out, they’ll probably freak, but if you present with some perspective, they’ll take your news in stride. On Saturday, there could be trouble in paradise when Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks. Until June 17, Mercury will be charting its reverse course through your relationship house, stirring up some drama with your boo. Conflict doesn’t have to spell demise, so face these issues head-on and see if you can find a compromise. Warning: You could hear from an ex now, too. A bad déjà vu or a fateful second chance? You won’t know for sure until July so, if you do entertain a reunion, take it super slow.
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Jealousy isn’t really a huge issue for your sign, but the green-eyed monster could pay you a visit this week. Don’t shoo him away so fast; he may have an important message for you. Envy is a valuable guide, revealing your hidden desires — the ones you’ve been too afraid to admit that you had. But, that doesn’t mean you should “covet thy neighbor.” Put an original spin on what others have. Your remix will be an even better choice. On Saturday, Mercury turns retrograde until July 1, demanding that you bring some order to your court. Tossing everything into a pile on the floor could unleash a ripple effect of meltdowns in your world. Break out the labelmaker and glue gun; build those shelves. The next three weeks are all about organizing so life runs smoothly. Take extra care of your health, too. Feeling a nagging ache or pain? Get to the doctor and just nip it in the bud.
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Make sure your relationships are in balance this week. With a quarter moon in your zone of twosomes, the give and take could be seriously off in your closest connections. As the sign of sacrifice, you tend to over-give. But, sometimes you forget how powerful you are and start depending too heavily on another person, even putting them on a pedestal. Use this week to regain equilibrium. Get obsessed with your own life if you’ve fallen into fangirl mode. Have you forgotten to thank your quiet supporters? Give credit where it's due. On Saturday, old flames may try to reignite as Mercury turns retrograde in your romance house until July 1. As flattering as it may be to have someone who dissed you declare you “the one that got away,” don’t buy into those lines. If you do extend a second chance, proceed at a snail’s pace and make ’em work this time.
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Life’s been a social whirlwind lately, Aries, but slow down before you crash. The quarter moon in your house of healthy living sounds the call for self-care. Weave a gentle workout into your week, bow out of a few evening shindigs to catch up on your Zs, and take your vitamins. That lit-from-within glow will be back in no time. While you’re at it, do some household cleanup. On Saturday, Mercury will turn retrograde for three weeks beginning its backspin in Cancer and your domestic fourth house. Since Mercury is known to cause technical snafus, check the wires on those vintage lamps and have the super come fix that leaky faucet already. Clear up tension with your inner circle before Saturday, too, so these misunderstandings don’t build from nagging irritations into all-out family feuds.
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Move over Kylie and Kendall. There’s a new Instagram star in town. With a quarter moon in your fame zone, you’re due for greater exposure this week. But, how much is too much? Give people a good-sized taste of Taurus, but just enough to leave them wanting more. Apply this M.O. to your love life, too. Be the one to end the date or cut the texting before a novella's been typed. On Saturday, the signal-scrambling begins. Communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer and your third house of, well, communication. It’s a bit of a double-whammy for you, so check your every word. A promising collaboration could be stalled, but since retrogrades are great for reunions, you might join forces with a friend or colleague from your past.