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12 Holiday Party Heels To Pump Up The Glam

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    We never judge a book by its cover, but we know that avoiding an inaugural once-over upon first encounter is more difficult than going a day without hearing about the Kardashians (apparently Kourtney sold her baby story for $80k?). So, if you've already got the first part of head-to-toe covered, with an arsenal of amazing holiday party dresses and accessories, let us help you show your toes a little love with these 12 awesome haute (and high) holiday heels. From velvet pumps to red silk stilettos that won't quit, these cool vertigo-inducers are sure to get you noticed in all the right ways—hello, life of the party! Even if you go for an all-black outfit, elevate your look (literally) with some towering shoes worth the potential blisters. Just make sure to give us due props when everyone's cooing, "where'd you get those!?"

    Check out 12 pairs of holiday party shoes that'll make this season the glamest of all.

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