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9 Foods That Are Actually Good For You

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    Every day, we're bombarded with hype about the new health-food trend. More often than not, this year's hot product becomes next year's lawsuit when we all discover that the latest and greatest wonder-food isn't the miracle the packaging promised. The truth is, it's not hard to discern the healthy foods from the nonsense. Those with staying power stay on the shelves for a reason. Still, some not-so-healthy foods persist in haunting our fridges with the empty promise of high nutritional content and low calorie count. We've already pointed fingers at those not-actually-health-foods, but what about the ones you can count on?

    Ahead, you'll find nine foods you may already know and love — and should keep on loving. Some have shot to the top of the healthy-food heap and become trendy for the right reasons. Some are ones that may have already had their fifteen minutes of fame, but should stay in your kitchen nevertheless. Put down your $11 coconut-water smoothie, and eat something real.

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