10 Things You Didn't Know You Needed In Your Wedding Registry

Putting together a wedding registry takes careful deliberation: You have to pick out products that will be essential to your married home, while balancing personal preferences with your S.O.'s. And, you need to make sure that not all of the items are big splurges that will make your guests resentful.
It's also important to not get carried away with fancy items that look great on paper, but will only be used a limited number of times: As pretty as that expensive crystal bowl looks, it will probably spend a lot of time tucked away in your kitchen cabinet.
There's a plethora of practical household items that may not be that extravagant-looking, but crucial to your day-to-day living needs. To help you get started on the right foot as a newlywed, we've asked Jennifer Spector, brand director at Zola — a millennial-focused wedding planning and registry website — to pick out the most overlooked household tools and decor products that should make the top of your list.
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"Colanders are the work horse of the kitchen, but they are often so bulky," says Spector, who also serves as a newlywed-at-large for Zola. "A collapsible strainer is easy to store and never far out of reach."

Chef'n SleekStor Collapsible Colander With Handle, $14.99, available at Zola
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Even if you are not a tea drinker, on-demand boiling water can save so much time in the kitchen — whether it's for quick pasta dinners or fast soup making.

Cuisinart Cordless Electric Kettle, $69.99, available at Zola
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You pet deserves the world, so why shouldn't you register something for your beloved animal? This chic food bowl shows that your pup or cat is the star of the household.

DENY Designs Marble Pet Bowl, Set of 2, $44.99, available at Zola
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"Pretty canisters are great for hiding cords, receipts, and any other odds and ends," says Spector. It's all about keeping your hot messes contained.

ferm LIVING Confetti Tin 3-Piece Canister Set, $35.99, available at Zola
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Keep the bathroom from looking dull with this fun shower curtain that's also mold-resistant.

IZOLA Scout Shower Curtain, $54.99, available at Zola
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"If you've ever left a pile of clothes on the floor right before a big meeting, you know a steamer is invaluable. Register for the best and you both will always look spiffy no matter the state of your laundry."

Rowenta Ultrasteam Handheld Steaming Brush, $29.99, available at Zola
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"Taking out the trash does not have to be a chore if you pick a highly functional one also takes care of the recycling for you," says Spector. "Plus, the rose gold hue makes it much easier on the eyes."

Simplehuman Dual Compartment Stainless Steel Step Recycler with Liner Pocket, $199.99, available at Zola
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"A whole year of beans will keep you extra perky as you tackle newlywed life together," says Spector. Getting beans delivered to your doorsteps means that there will be one less thing to worry about on your grocery list.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters French Roast Coffee Subscription, $119.99-$479.99, available at Zola
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"Mattress pads may not be the sexiest item in the bedroom, but they help regulate temperature and protect your mattress, so you can sleep easy at night," says Spector.

Welspun Hygrosoft Mattress Pad, $37.99-$48.99, available at Zola
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Storage solutions are one of those things that many couples overlook, but are vital to the visual harmony of a home. This shoe organizer keep sandals, boots and sneakers orderly.

Yamazaki Home Frame Adjustable Shoe Rack, Set of 2, $51.98, available at Zola