Grunge Goddess Erin Wasson Cleans Up for J. Crew's November Catalog

Erin Wasson is one of those models that can be molded to look crazy-good in anything from the pages of Vogue Paris to a Macy's flyer. But, we were a little surprised to see the head empress of grunge leave her jorts and worn-out tees at home in the new November catalog from purveyors of preppy-chic J. Crew. Though still sporting her signature bare face and tangled locks, Wasson looks so fresh so clean in slouchy trousers, great layering pieces, and jackets we wished we were wrapped in right now. Best of all are the great accessories like the sheer socks, tchotchke-draped necklaces, and great boots. And now that we've grown accustomed to this electric Erin 100-Watt-son smile, we say more grins and less grunge! Who's with us?erin-wasson-jcrew-fall-09-3

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