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All That Jazz: The Best Gatsby Accessories

072313_AllThatJazz_Layout Photographed by Tina Tyrell, Designed by Gabriela Alford, Styled by Emily Barnes, Hair and Makeup by Bethany Brill, Set Design by Mari-Yan Morvan.
You don't need to have actually seen Baz Luhrmann’s hypnotically opulent take on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s American masterpiece to enjoy the new appreciation for Art Deco glam it inspired. And it's not all asymmetrical bobs, classic cocktails, sequined party gowns, or those super-cute little hats Carey Mulligan rocks as Daisy Buchanan, either. No, cats, what's really got us humming are all those accessories. Now that the movie is only — what? — a few weeks away from landing in our homes, thought we'd show you how to work a little Roaring-'20s flavor into your 2013 wardrobe with just a few vintage-inspired, flapper-chic statement pieces. To that end, we grabbed a few of our favorite stylish friends and let them style themselves in some exquisite selects from Tiffany’s new Ziegfeld Collection — created with The Great Gatsby’s very own costume designer, Catherine Martin. Hold on to your cute little hats, ladies, this is gonna be fun.
Camila Sentuti, Stylist and Blogger
Self-described “chronic shopaholic,” Camila Sentuti started her career in her early teens styling herself (and anyone else she could) for her mother’s photo shoots. Even though she’s traded her “love/hate” relationship with her native Rome for a steady thing with NYC, her blog, Glamgerous, publishes in English and Italian — proof that she’s still under the spell of her native homeland’s sophisticated, unapologetically sexy style.
"I love the self-confidence of the dress code of the Jazz Age — that elegant, classy feel. It was all about simple, feminine lines and straight cuts. Those were the years when women stood up for their rights and decided to break away from the impositions of society. I just can't help but admire how all that empowerment comes out in the fashion of the times. Sometimes, I try to comb my hair into a '20s do with a curl pulled all to one side. It gives a mysterious, retro note to my outfits."
"When donning a simple look, I go for very extravagant accessories. For instance, I'll stack bracelets on one arm and leave the other one with nothing on — anything elaborate with gemstones and pearls definitely catches my attention. I try to go for the unseen and the original, and jewelry from the past really captures that. All these pieces have that elegance, that delicacy. I mean, I just love that Ziegfeld Collection ring with the dark gemstone at the center. It illuminated my whole look."
Natacha Steven, Style Writer and Fashion Blogger
Talk about your je ne sais quoi, Parisian import Natacha Steven just radiates the stuff — something that's come in handy in her professional life. After cutting her teeth in fashion coverage in Italy and São Paulo, she made her way to NYC. There, her instantly apparent charms bewitched Rachel Zoe at a New Year's party, a chance meeting that netted the French woman an editorial role at The Zoe Report.
"I love the juxtaposition between ornate and simplicity you see in the '20s. It's chic, sexy, detailed, and classy, all at the same time. I wish I could go back and learn how to dance the Charleston, do Marcel waves every day, wear feathers, and get lost in an era of fashion that enabled women to be free of constraints."
"I loved that this collection isn't only about pearls, but had many amazing platinum-gold geometric pieces. They're so feminine and classy. I'd wear them with a very simple and contemporary outfit — a plain silk dress, or jeans with a white T-shirt to enhance the jewels."
Nausheen Shah, Fashion and Luxury Travel Writer, New York Post, Fashion Editor,
Fashion designer, turned stylist, turned writer, turned who-knows-what-next Nausheen Shah has been chasing the luxe lifestyle across states, countries, careers, and covetable positions. From legal work in Chicago to fashion studies in Florence, Italy, and NYC to design work at Catherine Malandrino, Zac Posen, and Mario Moya, to editorial work for, and globe-hopping travel journalism, she's still on the hunt. When will it end? Never, hopefully.
"I'm manic for Marcel-wave updos, feathers, and anything fringe related, and the whole fashion sense of the Gatsby era. The new jazz music of the time had everyone dancing, so women adopted fully fringed, shortened looks."
"I believe each piece of jewelry has so much to say. Sadly, sometimes those pieces lose their appeal when they are over-accessorized. What I'm saying is, don’t be afraid to wear minimal amounts of jewelry. In this case, stick to timeless classics such as pearls or metal. You'll never look back at a picture of yourself wearing pearl earrings like these and wonder, 'What was I thinking?'"
Ni’ma Ford, Stylist and Model
In a world of prefabricated and self-declared fashion muses, Ni’ma Ford is the 100-percent, certified-organic real thing. Whether she's styling for Zink magazine, making the rounds at the shows, directing fashion videos, or just walking down the street, she's an inspiration to The Sartorialist, Street Peeper, style bloggers everywhere, and, yes, us.
"The '20s scream excitement, jazz, nightclubs, dancing, speakeasies, and romance — it was all about having a good time. Women really started to let go and express themselves, and nightlife was huge. I just wish I could have dressed the showgirls at one of those swinging, glittering nightclubs!"
"Now, I adore vintage, but I make sure I give it my own spin — a little extra spunk. Luckily, these days, a lot of new accessories lines are inspired by the past. 'New vintage' pieces really add something unique to a modern outfit. These pearls, for instance, really captured the elegance of the jazz age. I can imagine wearing a low-back dress and draping them down my back."