The Raddest Hair Color Inspiration From Around The World

Photographed by Molly Cranna.
If there's anything we've learned from looking at hair around the world, it's this: We're all starting to come together. There's even a phrase for it: cultural globalization. Due in large part to international travel and social media, we're all starting to find our inspiration in the same exact places.
The beauty world is particularly susceptible to this trend, which is why you can expect see the same gorgeous, golden balayage walking out of a salon in Brazil, Canada, and Australia (via social media, of course, unless you have a private jet.) If that sounds snoozy, let us assure you otherwise. Look closer, and you'll see unique mini-trends emerging in different cities, countries, and continents. It's perfect color porn for those who know they want pink hair, but need to see every variation on peach, rose gold, and bubblegum first.
In the slides ahead, we've rounded up some of the most beautiful hair colors from all corners of Instagram the world. While you are sure to see some similarities, it's the regional translations that you won't find walking out of your local salon, which means that taking your inspo from your city's coolest Instagram account just became so passé.
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The Scandinavian countries have a few things in common: feast-or-famine sunlight, plenty of fish-based dishes, and a love for really good platinum hair. Ask for an icy toner to score a bleach and tone at this level of cool.
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Something new, something cooler, something lighter! ✨ #balayage #ombre #peilihiussali

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Or, ask for a platinum color melt for a blended take on platinum that requires far less upkeep.
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Hint of pink! #balayage #peilibrunettes #peilihiussali

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Speaking of color melts, how gorg is this rose gold rendition? Be still our hearts!
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Blame hygge, but the biggest change we've seen coming out of Denmark is the vast amount of golden blond. See ya, cool blond; welcome, sun-kissed color!
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Another trend popping up in all over the world: yellow color. This shade is particularly pretty, especially when paired with a flushed cheek.
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Sunkissed blondie ♥ Beautiful Color & Style by our talented @stylingbycaroline 📷@apreshouse

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Meanwhile, next door in Norway, things are a bit more golden, too. This soft shade of warm, dirty blond is perfection on just about any skin tone.
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Beautiful honey #balayage by @stylingbykristin ♥ @apreshouse

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Things are getting gilded AF up north.
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Ønsker meg dette håret 😚 via @breekish ✌🏼 - @elisabethangel 🌸

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We understand why top Norwegian salon Gevir is heavily influenced by model Bree Kish's 'do: We can't stop staring at the warm tone and subtle highlights, either!
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Take a (long) trip east and you'll find some of the coolest salons in Tokyo turning out warm shades of pink that we can't stop staring at. Bonus: Those with dark hair don't need to lighten up fully to embrace a colorful hue. (In comparison to rainbow colors, which require a major bleach job first.)
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In Nairobi, things are just as warm as in Norway, despite the vast difference in weather. This dimensional shade of copper-meets-gold is even better when done on an enviable Afro.
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Want even more dimension? This look has the Midas touch, too, but is far easier to grow out.
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Classic box braids done in a cool-toned brown may be the exact opposite of the shades you just saw, but they're just as inspiring.
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At Toronto's Blyss, the shades of blond are getting noticeably warmer, too.
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This hit of pink represents one of the many gorgeous ways that women all over the world have embraced the pink hair trend.
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Ice ice baby! Platinum this white is far from easy to achieve or maintain, but if you have the determination, we highly suggest you copy this flawless creation by Melbourne colorist Ben Martin.
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✖️T E X T U R E ✖️ Loving the movement @hairbyheatherthompson has created with this colour 👌✨

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A short flight over to Wollongong, just outside Sydney, and you'll find the most beautiful waves south of the equator, which adds polish to this rooted blond.
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Glossy chocolate 😍 by @hairbymadisonx ✨ #thefoxandthehair ✨

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We'll let the shine speak for itself....
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One cannot mention hair and Brazil without bringing up Laces, the natural-is-better salon frequented by Brazilian balayage lovers — and a few VS Angels, too. The trend is just that: sun-kissed and God-given.
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Candy Crush by @tori_stewart93

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There isn't a single city on our list that packs as much range as London. From "It girl" salon Bleach to Charlotte Mensah's Hair Lounge, hair color trends reflect the melting pot of cultures. This shade of pink has just enough punk to be uniquely London.
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These grown-out highlights (done by Sassoon colorist Abigail Fiona) make the case for extending your time between color appointments.
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This sombré with a bright face frame comes courtesy of Not Another Salon.
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United Arab Emirates

On our last stop, we jet to Dubai, a modern city where the color is soft, delicate, and glossed to shiny perfection.
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This before and after shows just what a color refresh (and blowout) can do.
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This rich and glossy color stuns.
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