Your May Love Horoscope, Revealed


What a lucky month to be in love! Literally. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, dances a passionate paso doble with romantic goddess Venus, opening hearts everywhere. In technical terms, the two planets form an auspicious 120-degree angle called a trine, which only happens a few times (if that) each year. May 10 is the official date of the trine, and the effects can be felt for a few days before and after.

Jupiter is the cosmic gambler and supersizer. Whatever it beams on gets bigger — well, make that massive. If you're feeling the love, there's no holding back now. May could bring a flurry of fast engagements, key exchanges, and elopements. Jet-setting Jupiter also sparks cross-cultural attractions and vacation romances. Couples should definitely travel together in May, especially when Jupiter ends its retrograde after the 9th. Of course, this all comes with a downside. Lovers' quarrels will get inflamed by the planet’s truth serum. Thankfully, diplomatic Venus can help you address touchy topics without losing your cool. Buckle up; May will be quite the ride.


Ready for a sweet escape? May starts off on a fantasy-fueled note, and nobody can tell you not to rock your rose-colored glasses. What is your version of a modern-day fairytale? Design your dates and enchanted encounters in the spirit of this. Slipping off for weekend getaways, or even staying in bed for 48 hours straight, could be pure bliss. Just don't ignore any red flags. Your love interest might have a history, and it's better to get it out into the open so you can deal with it — especially when truth-bearer Jupiter aligns with Venus on the 10th. Relax, Gemini: This can bring you closer if it's an issue that you work through together. And if not, c'est la vie.

Gemini season kicks off on the 20th, when the sun sweeps into your sign for a month. Even if you're crazy in love, you'll still need a longer leash to travel, explore independent interests, and get back to doing you. Absence makes the heart grow fonder as long as you don't go MIA. Circle the 21st as a romantic hot spot. The first of a pair of full moons in Sagittarius lights up your relationship house. You could meet your soul twin or decide to get exclusive with someone you've been dating casually. With passionate Mars retrograde all month, this could even be someone from your past. No rush, though! It could take until the follow-up full moon on June 20 to become set in stone.
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