Your July Love Horoscope, Revealed

They say love doesn't come with an instruction manual. But what if you could write one? On July 20, romantic Venus will flow into a supportive 120-degree angle (called a trine) with wise, mature Saturn. In this formation, the energies of the planets combine beautifully, sounding the call for both playfulness and structure. Does that sound like a paradox? It may not be. In order to thrive, relationships require clear agreements and a sense of where your limits and boundaries lie. Sure, this could bring up some heavy conversations, but leaving things up to chance is a far riskier option. Assumptions and guesswork rarely do much to build a bond. Hey, there's no "right" way to do love, but configuring a formula that works for you and your other half can be done. With diplomatic Venus working her magic, these conversations are bound to bring you closer. Think of it as creating a safe container for love to thrive. When you know what and whom you're working with, you can choose how far you want to go. And if you can get on the same page as bae, you'll have a wide-open space to relax and open your heart.


Cue up the slow jams. The sun is cruising through Cancer and your "stop and smell the roses" second house until the 22nd, reminding you that there's pleasure in pacing yourself. Enjoy more drawn-out, old-fashioned courtship rituals. If you're already attached, figuring out the status of your partnership (exclusive or not) could become a hot topic. The new moon on July 4 could reveal a match for you — the type you bring home to mama. And on the 6th, a coworker could cop to a crush during a rare alignment between Venus and Mars.

The sexiest day of the month may be the 19th, when the full moon lights up your erotic eighth house. An attraction that's been building could explode into something hot and heavy — and this is likely to be much more than just a summer fling. When Venus forms a trine (120-degree angle) to Saturn on the 20th, you'll have no trouble asking for what you need. But your most important role in the final third of July is to be your bae's BFF. Communicate freely, but take deep breaths when jealousy arises. (You can do it, Gem.) Plan more playtime after the 22nd. Road trips, festivals, barbecues — this laid-back groove sets the stage for deeper connections.
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