Your August Love Horoscope, Revealed

Do you have a helmet handy? Prepare to butt heads with your S.O. this month. August's clash between soft-focused Venus in Virgo and lusty Mars in Sagittarius will create some choppy waves on the ocean of emotion. But sometimes it takes a strong current to wake us up and remind us that relationships take work — the kind that can be super rewarding if you dive in headfirst. Mars in Sagittarius will also have a hand in turning you into a risk-taker. You’ll be open to new types of people and amorous adventures, maybe even rushing headlong into a relationship that just feels right. Venus in Virgo, however, is much more traditional, cautious, and risk-averse. You’ll be challenged to figure out how to stretch your sensual boundaries without straying from the safe confines of your relationships. On the 6th, Mars and Venus will lock into a combustible square (90-degree angle), which will force you to reckon with your opposing needs for both spontaneity and stability — whether single or spoken for. But hey, who says you can't have both? This month, the goal is to find that happy hybrid in one brilliant package.


Great communication goes beyond bringing killer conversation and unbelievable game. Listening — and really hearing people — is the other half of the equation. In August, lend others your ears, even if you have to stop yourself from sharing a relatable personal anecdote. That extra beat you wait could be the space your love interest needs to share an important personal detail or even to say those three magic words. That said, you'll want to be listened to, as well, so keep being an open book. Your relationships will begin to feel like mutual admiration societies.

On the 2nd, passionate Mars parks alongside stable Saturn in your committed-relationship house. Together, they'll blow up your fear of being bored with a partner, leading you to a chance encounter with someone you find endlessly fascinating. You may meet while traveling or at an outdoor event near the full moon on August 18. Then, with Venus in your sentimental fourth house from August 5 to 29, you'll long for emotional interactions, perhaps with the family-oriented type. Ready to move in together or enjoy domestic bliss with someone new? Your cozy companion could emerge when the sun heads into Virgo on the 22nd.
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