11 Punny Mugs That Make Weekday Mornings A Little Bit Better

Office coffee mugs are like toothbrushes: personal, customized to our specific needs, and, in my opinion, not at all sharable. Just as I wouldn't stand for an apartment guest polishing their pearly whites with my Oral-B medium bristle, I also wouldn't stand for a random coworker sipping java from my "I love you so mochi" mug.
So what better way to keep the caffeinated cup-stealers at bay than with some over-the-top "Pizza Is Bae" branding? Because if you happen to be an intense coffee (and/or tea) drinker who is also a huge foodie, utilizing the food-pun tactic will guarantee that no one ever "accidentally borrows" your Snoop Hotdog mug again.
Without further ado, we've corralled 11 fire food pun vessels for you to stake your coffee claim. (We'll save the toothbrush stealing dilemma for another story).
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If you love bread like we love bread, this mug goes out to you.

Human Bread Inside Mug, $15.99, available at Human.
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I feel very connected to the "weirdough" sentiment.

House of Quips Radiobread Mug, $15, available at Society6.
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When Monday morning's got you down, sip and remember how radishing you look.

Redbubble You Look Radishing Mug, $15, available at Redbubble.
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I believe that these were the actual words out of Tom Cruise's mouth in Jerry Maguire, shortly before he and Renée Zellweger shared a Crunch Wrap Supreme.

Human Taco Bell Mug, $15.99, available at Human.
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Who can resist a good noodle pun? S'cute!

Sunny Dove Studio Udon Noodles Mug, $18, available at Etsy.
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Less of a pun as it is a lifestyle.

Stark Raving Realist Bacon Coffee Mug, $14.95, available at Zazzle.
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This truly needs no words — just let the Snoopdog image wash over you.

Chris Piascik Snoop Hotdog Mug, $15, available at Society6.
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Again, the exact phrase that Janis Joplin sang in her 1968 hit about pizza.

Pun House A Pizza My Heart Coffee Mug, $14.95, available at Zazzle.
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Artichoke heart, that is! Ba-dum-tss.

Smart Mouthed Artichoke Coffee Mug, $16.35, available at Zazzle.
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This meta mug is definitely extra.

Human Guac Mug, $15.99, available at Human.
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Giving me so mochi feels.

Sunny Dove Studio Mochi Mug, $18, available at Etsy.
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Once you've collected all the punny coffee cups your heart desires, break them in with a few of these mug-friendly recipe hacks.
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