These Fly Leg Eyelashes Will Make You Lose Your Appetite For The Rest Of The Day

Crazy-person (aka artist) Jessica Harrison was kind enough to make a video that has effectively made us lose our appetite this morning. They're eyelashes. MADE OF FLY LEGS. Thankfully, they don't move around, because then we might have passed out on our keyboards. Clumpy and stumpy, these leg-lashes almost look like you used an old tube of mascara from the '80s—but they are not. They are much, much worse. Also, If you've got an iron stomach, you can click through to watch her other, even more terrible, video of mouths where her eyes should be. Excuse us while we take a moment to escape to our happy places. :( (Haute Macabre)
Flylashes from Jessica Harrison on Vimeo.

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