Inside Hot NYC Designer Veronica Beard's Apartment-Showroom

It's a story they must have to tell a lot. Veronica Swanson and Veronica Miele both married nephews of Peter Beard. Now there are two Veronica Beards. Confusing, yes, but really, how could they not take the eponymous route when it came to naming their fashion label? The besties and sister in laws — and now business partners —started Veronica Beard back in 2010, immediately hooking us with their take on the professional "uniform," making working girl pieces that we actually wanted to wear outside the office. Since then, the family brand is well on its way to becoming synonymous with American luxury, and it's no surprise given that the sisters Beard have a combined résumé that boasts stints at Narciso Rodriguez and Vogue.
As lovers of all things luxe, we invited ourselves over to Veronica Swanson Beard's apartment-turned-studio space for a tour of the new collection and an up-close interview with the label's leading ladies. Inspiration time: these BFFs just happen to be the do-it-all working mom types, too—they've got seven Beardlings between them! Oh, and they had time to interior decorate like a pro: Bright turquoise walls suddenly seems like the best idea ever.
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What is your design aesthetic in just a few words?

VMB: "I love using texture, color, prints and sometimes a little bit of rock and roll. I aim for always chic, even if it’s just a lipstick. Sexy, but not too revealing."
VSB: "Chic, classic, and cool."

On VMB: Veronica Beard black scuba dress. On VSB: Veronica Beard rust animal scroll print silk swing dress, Veronica Beard olive safari parka, vintage necklaces.
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How does your home/studio design reflect the style of the clothes?

VMB: "The color of our showroom speaks for itself. It’s bold yet charming and welcoming. Our clothing is for the woman who dares to live a full life with pleasure. She cares about herself and knows that if she feels and looks her best, she will motivate to be her best self."
VSB: "The apartment was a short-term solution that we can’t seem to shake. It feels like home because it is home! When we do have a proper showroom, which we hope to have in the next year or so, we plan to design it so as to reflect where we’ve been and where we hope to go."
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What are your favorite home decor stores in NYC? Where did you get the statement pieces for your home/showroom?

VMB: "I love surfing One Kings Lane and First Dibs online for all sorts of antiques, rugs, and ideas. Jonathan Adler has some interesting inspirations as does Mecox Gardens."
VSB: "All the incredible dealers on 10th and 11th Streets are so amazing. If I could buy everything at H.M. Luther I would be in heaven. My most favorite places are old thrift shops on Long Island. There is nothing like the search for a cheap piece of treasure!"
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What is it like working with your BFF/family, any secrets for making it work?

VMB: "We leave “family” at the door. Veronica is my partner/friend/sister-in-law and we have a unique understanding that it’s all business here at work. Respect and trust are key components in our relationship."
VSB:"Respect. We work hard, agree, disagree, and agree to disagree on a daily basis. We know each other really well and know when to say when."

On VMB: Veronica Beard aubergine jumbo plaid silk tee, Veronica Beard archive skinny pant, Burberry black wedge trainers. On VSB: Veronica Beard dark navy stripe tweed robe coat, J Brand jeans, Manolo Blahnik heels.
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How do each of your personal styles influence the Veronica Beard look?

VMB: "I pride myself on not being afraid to try new looks. I especially love traveling to exotic places and using references in our silhouettes, color palettes and prints. We originally designed our crinkle patent leather shearling motorcycle jacket as a novel accent piece for the fall collection. We ended up producing them for stores and it’s become an everyday jacket for me!"
VSB: "I love really classic, American style. Shorts and denim shirts, blazers, classic stilettos. Gold jewelry, a tan. Lacey Underall in Caddyshack."

Pieces from the latest Veronica Beard collection hang in the apartment-turned-showroom.
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Who is your ideal shopper? What does she do? Where is she going?

VMB: "We have a following of ladies who want to hold on to the decade before theirs... I’m one of them. She looks younger than she is, she is active, and wants to look chic always but doesn’t want to look like a fashion victim, stuck in the wrong wardrobe. She works out, she goes out with her husband, with her girlfriends, to work, to her kids’ school(s), to the doctor.. Her secret is that she doesn’t look like she’s trying so hard but owns her individual look."
VSB: " Any woman that loves effortlessly chic style! She’s living life fully and needs things that can transcend all the different moments in her day and life."

Saint James striped shirt, Veronica Beard red 3-in-1 trench, J Brand jeans.
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What is your daily routine? Do you have any superstitions or traditions?

VMB: "I am obsessive about making sure that I take my kids where they are going in the morning myself. I try to give them some words of wisdom before they brave the world. I worship my Cup Of Joe’s coffee in the morning. While we don’t have the little pink house in the suburbs (we have 5 kids in a NYC apt!) we try to all sit together for dinner every night."
VSB: "Shower, take the kids to school, gym, coffee, day at the office, put the kids to bed, and go to dinner with my husband at Il Cantinori (about 3 nights a week!). I always pick up lucky pennies and I pray in cabs."

Bracelets from Veronica Swanson Beard's personal collection.
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The bright teal walls are definitely bold — what's your secret for being fearless in design and how do you change it up if you grow tired of the bold choices?

VMB: "The beauty of the teal is that it looks as good in the morning as it does in the evening."
VSB: "We just love color and try to use really true, saturated colors as much as possible. Our customer is pretty comfortable in her skin so I think she appreciates the color and prints we design each season."

On VSB: Saint James striped shirt, Veronica Beard red 3-in-1 trench, J Brand jeans. On VMB: Veronica Beard rust animal scroll print silk shirttail blouse, Burberry raffia wedge sandals
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How has the collection already evolved, season to season?

VMB: "We are not just sampling all categories, but we are now really selling our pants, as well as our jackets! Our prints have also been extremely strong, more every season. The brand has evolved as a lifestyle American sportswear brand. We’re extremely proud to make everything here in NYC too!"
VSB: "It gets better and bigger every season. We are going into our 8th season and it’s hard to believe! Every season we identify better who the VB customer is and what the core pieces of the VB uniform are."
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What music do you blast in the studio?

VMB: "These guys love their alternative music. I make sure there are some classics in there like the Stones and Zepplin. I’ve been known to enjoy the occasional Bon Jovi tune as well…."

Any favorite neighborhood lunch spot for during the week?

VSB: "Petite Abeille on 17th Street."

Roberto Cavalli custom fur vest, Veronica Beard DB jacket, Schepps bracelet,Burberry black wedge trainers, Veronica Beard black scuba legging.
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Do you have any beauty products musts that you'd love to pair with your collection?

VMB: "Whether you’re wearing a blank canvas or a wild Moroccan print, your lipstick can make or break your look. I’ve been wearing the NARS Red Square velvet matte lip pencil a LOT this summer. It’s the ultimate matte orange/brick/red that wakes up the face. Wear it concentrated with black or olive green or barely there colors for just a little pigment. And, obviously, you can have some fun with your nail color! But I also love Essie’s Starter wife for when you want a clean and neutral colored nail."
VSB: "We both love a random product called Cameo Glow- it’s a miracle worker. I am also a huge fan of Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge in Powder Pink and Everything Mascara."

Necklace from Veronica's personal collection.
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What are 3 staples you need for fall in NYC?

VMB: "You have to have your trusted pair of sexy yet comfortable booties to wear with your jeans/trousers/leggings. Try an open toe bootie for the in between weather. Second, is a rocking leather moto jacket. Whether it’s the outspoken crinkle patent leather shearling or the classic, it will go right over any dress, skirt or pant you own. Finally, you have to get a jacket with a dickey. The navy wool with the upstate dickey is the ultimate luxury piece. Throw any fur or puffer vest over it and you instantly have the outerwear look. It will be your uniform all winter."
VSB: "The VB navy blazer with fisherman dickey, the VB 3-in-1 trench, black and brown booties, and an oversized clutch that goes from day into night."

On VMB: Veronica Beard black scuba dress. On VSB: Veronica Beard rust animal scroll print silk swing dress, Veronica Beard olive safari parka, vintage necklaces.
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Which websites do you troll? Where do you look for design inspiration?

VMB: "Lately, I’ve been on Matches of London. Her buy is different and interesting. I love looking at Finofile and creative projects like The Selby. But, I mainly get my inspiration from personal experiences! Those are the best because its inspiring to you in a way it would not be to the masses in the digital world."
VSB: "Refinery29 (of course!) ,Vogue,The Sartorialist, Garance Dore, Man Repeller, Coveteur, Le Catch, Pinterest, Gawker, Huffington Post, I really hope to subscribe to the Vogue archive. I think Veronica and I should give it to each other as our bonus!"

Bangles from Veronica Miele Beard's personal collection.
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What can we look forward to from Veronica Beard coming up?

VMB: "We are so excited about our first fashion presentation on September 5 at the Gramercy Rooftop!"
VSB: "More can’t-live-without pieces of the uniform!"

On VMB: Veronica Beard aubergine jumbo plaid silk tee, Veronica Beard archive skinny pant, Burberry black wedge trainers. On VSB: Veronica Beard dark navy stripe tweed robe coat, J Brand jeans, Manolo Blahnik heels.