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20 Sweet Staples You Need In Your Closet Right Now

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    The collection featured in the latest lookbook from Veronica Beard is not for the faddist fashionista. The sister-in-law duo (both named Veronica), now in their second year as a design team put just as much love, effort, and dedication into their garments as they do in raising their kids (they have 7 between the two of them!). And with style savvy sibs like Clairborn Swanson Frank, it's no surprise the clothes are classic and immaculate. Their are springtime basics meant to last through New York's swirling gyre of shifting trends and dithering design currents, so appropriately enough, most of the pieces are named in singular. It's the Dress, the Knit, the Trench; each garment is spoken like an archetype of their genre.

    Every New York woman needs the Jacket on closet call, and it's not just because the luxe-silk fabric and leather-details transforms this one piece into a multitasking, polypurpose, fall-to-spring, day-to-night juggernaut. Most importantly, in one fell swoop, the Jacket replaces all those off-trend bargain buys crowding our precious wardrobe real estate! A similar situation is happening with the Top, whose boxy frame and scalloped edges definitely nudge it up to space-saving icon status. Similarly, the pant and chino suit sets both keep things classic by using a neutral palette and hard-line tailoring. Don't get us wrong, trendier fare like tie-dye prints and Doc Martens have their audience, but for those hungry for longevity and keen on clean hangers, buy these gorgeous, timeless staples here!

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