The Ultimate All-Day Guide To Snacking

When your alarm goes off in the morning, we're willing to bet your first thought is, How can I squeeze in 20 more minutes of much-needed sleep? And then it's probably, What am I going to eat today? We get it, we pretty much always have food on the mind. Still, planning out a full 24 hours' worth of meals and snacks can be daunting.

With this all-day primer, though, we've got your back on how to eat well from morning to night. First step? Treat yourself to avocado goodness and spiced-up coffee. You're in for a delicious day.
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When You Need Some AM Fuel: Avocado Toast
If you've yet to hop on the avocado-toast bandwagon, you are seriously missing out on a delicious, quick, and healthy meal-on-the-go. Mash half of an avocado onto a piece of whole grain bread (Ezekiel brand is hearty and freezes well) and drizzle a little lemon and olive oil on top with a pinch of salt.
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On The Way Out The Door: Coffee & Cardamom
Before you leave the house and take on the day, add a pinch of ground cardamom to your to-go coffee for a tasty twist.
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Mid-Morning, When Lunch Seems Like An Eternity Away: Almonds & Baby Carrots
It's not even noon yet, but breakfast feels like it was days ago. Snack on something crunchy and satisfying. A handful of roasted almonds or baby carrots will do the trick.
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Between Busy Lunchtime Meetings: Beans & Greens
Just because you're booked solid through lunchtime doesn't mean you can't squeeze in a trip to the kitchen to fight off hangriness. Pack a pile of arugula on a plate, pop a frozen bean-based veggie burger in the microwave, and serve with your favorite dressing.
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When Your Mind Wanders In The Afternoon: Green Tea & A Peanut-Butter Coated Rice Cake
If you're feeling like you might not make it through the rest of the day without a caffeine boost (we've all been there), pair a refreshing bottle of unsweetened green tea with a brown rice cake smothered in rich, chunky peanut butter.
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When You Need Fuel Between Meals

Our sugar cravings tend to kick in when we're too close to our next meal to go for a full spread, but crashing hard enough to need something filling (i.e. not whatever's stashed away in our candy drawer). Satisfy the urge in the best way possible with a well-balanced treat that combines naturally sweetened strawberry yogurt and crunchy, chocolaty goodies.

Simply 100® Crunch Strawberry Chocolate Truffle, available at Chobani.
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When You Finally Make It Home: Quinoa "Pasta"
Quinoa pasta in a rich puttanesca sauce will knock your socks off. Just heat 1 cup of store-bought marinara sauce with a tablespoon each of chopped Kalamata olives and capers and a splash of olive oil. Stir in cooked quinoa rotelle pasta, and you're ready to eat.
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Right Before Bed: Herbal Tea
When you're ready to unwind from the day, there's nothing like a steaming cup of soothing chamomile to do the trick. Find a tea you love and settle into a soothing bedtime routine.