These Early '00s Trends Are Making A BIG Comeback, Whether You Like It Or Not

It's not news that the '90s have been playing on repeat for a hot minute now — so many of our favorite current trends, like choker necklaces, oversized denim, and crop tops are throwbacks from the decade. And, while we can't say that the '90s look is going anywhere anytime soon (TBH, we're pretty glad it's here to stay), there is another comeback kid to pay attention to — millenium style.

The early 2000's were a bizarre and glorious time. Britney and Justin were sporting their matching denim ensembles to the American Music Awards, and we were all bumpin' to "Hot in Herre" by Nelly. Before the recession hit, everything was a party, including what people wore — outfits were loud, costumey, and king of coo-coo crazy. We're currently seeing a regeneration of the aughts, not just in fashion, but in other aspects of culture, like music, too. Could it be that we're all just trying to have some fun? It is suddenly getting hot in... So hot in herre... Hot in...

In the slideshow ahead, take a look at the wacky and downright cool early aughts trends that are making a comeback. Whether or not these boundary pushing trends are for you, the spirit of the decade is something everyone can get behind.
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Low-Rise Denim
Don't get it twisted, the revival of low-rise denim isn't to relive X-tina's look from her song "Dirrty" (although that song was fire). Low-rise denim is on the rise in cuts that still feel high-brow.
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Take a stab at a low pair with some flare.
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The early aughts were all about bootcut jeans. While flares are the rage in '15, try a low-rise pair that straddles the two cuts.
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Puffer Jackets
Puffer jackets were taking names in the early 00's, but started to decline later as a fashionable outerwear option. With the rise of 2014's athleisure trend, puffy coats made their way back from the depths of technical winter outwear and back into the fashion game. This season, they're back as stand-alone pieces to be proud of.
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Leave your scarf at home with this rad option.
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The beauty of a puffer is that they're a bit easier to clean than your standard coat. Be brave and try a white option.
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Denim Miniskirts
We know what you're thinking of — the OG Abercrombie & Fitch teeny-tiny distressed denim mini. That skirt got us through a lot in the early aughts, but now, denim minis are tooting our horns with a bit more coverage and in different silhouettes.
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Try a skater shape for a different take on the skirt. The white stitching isn't a bad touch, either.
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Missing your classic distressed mini? Feel free to go for it again, but update the look with a bit more length.
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Polo Shirts
Give or take 15 years ago, folks were layering Lacoste on top of Lacoste, and even popping both collars. The preppy top is here again, but this time it's more demure and elegant.
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Not totally your jam? Go for a polo-inspired top instead.
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We dig the zipper on this option.
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Cargo Pants
Let's call a spade a spade, cargo pants can go really wrong, really dramatically. When done right, though, they are all that and a bag of chips. The key is to look for a pair that feel sleek, and aren't too fitted.
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These sleek pants are like the Where's Waldo of cargo pants. Spot them yet?
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The shape of these and the considered detailing make this pair a definite statement piece. Wear with a slim-fit tee and heeled sandals.

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