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The Half Ponytail Goes Next-Level

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    So many fashion trends out there now instantly spark ‘90s nostalgia: varsity jackets, jelly sandals, crop tops — it's like these styles haven't changed since our youth. We don't mind. But, when we talk hair, we like the classics to take more of a modern spin.

    So, without the risk of leaving you looking like Clarissa Explains It All, we whipped up three takes on the half ponytail that feel so fresh. Whether you're a noncommittal full-ponytail wearer or you just have a serious affinity for the ‘90s, we know you’re going to want to try these at home. Ahead, three killer ways to wear the half pony — with no scrunchie in sight.

    Shot at Lola Creative in Berkeley.

    Photographed by ; Modeled by ; Styled by

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